Wombats in the snow

by Susie Kleindienst
(Mt. Mee, Qld. Australia)

My favourite place is the boardwalks around the park going down to Dove Lake.

I just love wildlife and wombats have pride of place. So to see them in the snow is one of those magnificent sights. Especially when you are barely a metre away(on the boardwalk of course) and they seem not to care as long as they are munching away.

I would also say the brilliant greens and wildlife of the forest walking to Russell Falls is the most majestic I have ever seen.

These two places are a must for anyone visiting the most beautiful place on earth....

I should know - I have been overseas but we have been to Tassie more than 20 times.

Karen's response:

Susie, thanks so much for sharing your favourite places with us.

I too love that walk around Dove Lake on the boardwalks. But I've never seen wombats in the snow. How lovely that you've had that experience! I can only imagine...

I've not done that walk to Russell Falls either. Another one to add to my to-do list for Tassie.

Thanks so much for giving us such lovely scenes to dream about.

By the way if you have any wildlife photos to share with us, that would be great!

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