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Encountering the Tasmanian wildlife was not as difficult as I imagined. More often that I expected, just in the course of my travels, I would come across the native animals.

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Simply while driving around Tasmania, we spotted the local animals many times. On the road, we often stopped to photograph an echidna or two.

Echidnas proved to be quick at getting away as soon as they detected human activity close by. So getting a good photograph was always a rewarding experience.

black currawong

At Marion's Peak in Cradle Mountain National Park, we came across this hungry black currawong. It was hanging around, hoping to share some of our lunch.

This bird may not look very unique but in actual fact, it's only found in Tasmania. I've seen many of its relatives, namely pied currawongs, in Sydney, but no black ones. We now realise what an honour it was to be in the presence of such a special guest!


On the Wineglass Bay walk in Freycinet National Park, we came across this wallaby enjoying a snack. Wallabies are fairly easy to come across, if you are bushwalking in one of Tasmania's many National Parks.

fairy penguin

What do you think of this cute fairy penguin? We nabbed this shot during our Bicheno Penguin Tour experience.

Not only did we see fairy penguins in the wild, we learnt about the fascinating habits of these little creatures too.


Recognise this creature? We came across it in the Mt Field National Park. It's called a padimelon. Sounds like something to eat doesn't it? But no, Australians do not eat it (thank goodness).

Tasmanian tiger skeleton

Unfortunately this is all that's left of this Tasmanian local.  I'm referring of course to the Tasmanian tiger.  This photo was taken at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart.

The Tasmanian tiger is thought to be extinct. Some believe that it may still be around though!

And last but not least we come to the famouse Tasmanian Devil. The fight is still on to prevent the extinction of this much-loved Tasmanian icon.

Tasmanian devil statue

Oops wrong photo. I took this outside the Trowunna Wildlife Park. No, Tasmanian Devils are not that humongous.

Museum Tasmanian devils

Ok, this is a more true-to-life size. This is not a photo of real animals though. This is a photo of the Tasmanian Devil exhibit at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart.

Let's hope our beloved devils do not meet the same fate as the Tasmanian tiger.

Interested in viewing seals, dolphins and gannets? I saw these amazing creatures on a Bruny Island Cruise.

What about Cape Barren geese, Tasmanian hens and marine life? I got to see these on Maria Island.

Yes, Tasmania has plenty of offer in the way of wildlife encounters.

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