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Tasmania car hire is probably the most popular option when it comes to getting around the island.

Why is that so?

Well there are just so many good reasons to selfdrive Tasmania. Taking this option opens up a whole world of opportunities in Australia's smallest state.

Certainly, from my own experience, driving around Tasmania is the best way to see and appreciate the splendour of this exquisite island. Nothing beats it for flexibility and convenience.

In fact, I am such a fan of selfdrive that I have put together some handy driving tips to help me (and you) enjoy safe travels while in Tasmania. It's always good to be prepared.

Car hire companies

There are many well-established Tasmania car hire companies.

But how do you decide which one to go with? There are a number of factors you should consider when making your choice among the rental companies available.

You don't want to agonise over the decision too much. But at the same time, you do want to choose wisely.

Green Slip Insurance

Need to renew your Green Slip? Compare the top NSW insurers before deciding who to go with.

Other ways to get around Tasmania

Is Tasmania car hire the only option? Of course not. What about motorhome/campervan/caravan hire? How about catching a cab? What about coach/bus/ferry/rail services? Or you may just need an airport shuttle.

Yes there's plenty to consider when you think about traveling around Tasmania. There's certainly more than one way to get from one place to another.

Are you a cycling enthusiast? The idea does appeal to me:

- Getting around on your own power
- Easier finding a parking spot
- Being able to stop when you want more easily, be it to take a break, take a photo, go for a walk, whatever it may be
- No need to worry about petrol (compared to driving)

But I must be honest - I'm just not into cycling to that extent.

I do admire cyclists though. Whenever I see them on the road, I silently applaud them. They are inspiring.

I found some great information about cycling in Tasmania at the Discover Tasmania website.

Hitch hiking
I don't recommend this. I know that many people practice hitch-hiking and have not had bad experiences. Unfortunately we live in a world where some people are simply up to no good. You want to avoid getting yourself into situations with strangers where you may be in danger. We tell kids to beware of stranger danger. Well we need to beware of that too...

Joining a tour
Then there is the option of joining a tour. Have you considered seeing Tasmania this way? There are many good reasons for joining an organised tour.

Have you already decided that joining a tour is the way or one of the ways you would like to explore Tasmania? Well I have found some Tasmania tour operators that you might like check out.

Tasmania maps

Whether you have opted for Tasmania car hire or not, you will need to know your bearings. Certainly, you will want good maps.

Well no need to look all over the web. I have found a good map of Tasmania plus miscellaneous other Tasmania maps that may come in handy for you.

Deciding how you will get around is important. The best part however is that you will be getting around the beautiful island of Tasmania.

However you choose to travel around Tasmania, I wish you safe and happy travels!


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Search this site - results will display in a new Google web page.

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