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Tasmania car hire was my preferred option from my very first time in Tasmania.

On my first visit to Tasmania, I went with my fiance Greg, and our good friend Samer. While planning our holiday, we quickly came to the conclusion that car hire was the way to go. Since there were three of us, we could take turns driving, plus it would be very cost effective since we would be sharing the car rental and petrol costs.

For our first Tasmania car rental experience, we chose to go with Budget. I was a member with a rewards program which allowed me to use my points to cover some of the car rental cost, hence it was an easy decision. Even more savings for us!

Driving around turned out to be an ideal way to explore the island of Tasmania.  I cannot remember the number of times we would stop to investigate something that had caught our attention.

If someone spotted an echidna, Greg and Samer would always want to stop and take a photo. As you can see, it's hard to resist!

Tasmania - echidna

One time we even stopped to photograph a rainbow. Whenever we caught sight of a breath-taking view we found ourselves stopping so we could enjoy it and take another photo.

Tasmania - rainbow

Is Tasmania car rental for you? You also have the option of travelling to Tasmania aboard a Spirit of Tasmania ship, and bringing a vehicle across with you from mainland Australia, be it a rental vehicle or your own. In any case I highly recommend driving around as the best way to see Tasmania.


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