The Tahune Airwalk sure gives you
a unique viewpoint
in more ways than one


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The Tahune Airwalk is not a death-defying airplane stunt, Samer my travel mate assured me.

OK, then what is it?

A walkway through tree tops in a forest, he said.

I was extremely curious I can tell you.

From Hobart we drove to Geeveston, then followed the signs to our destination.

By the time we arrived at the Visitor Centre, we were high on anticipation. We paid for the tickets, picked up a few brochures and headed for the start of the Airwalk.

Karen on Tahune Airwalk

From the moment I started walking on the steel walkway I knew I was safe. Thankfully it was not a scary ride at all! I wanted to take my time and enjoy the experience. It's not often that I get the chance to see the tops of such tall trees. And in such a beautiful forest too.

Tahune Airwalk view of treetops

In a way, it was like a thrilling ride. For me at least. Just to know that we were walking through the Tahune Forest Reserve. This is where the world's tallest flowering plants are located. Wow...

Karen on Tahune Airwalk cantilever

At the end of the walk you get to stand on a cantilever.  And what is that?  Well in the case of the Airwalk, it's a platform that stretches out from the walkway with no support directly underneath.  It's 48 metres above the ground.  I could feel it swaying slightly, up and down beneath my feet.  That got me giggling nervously, just a little.

After we completed the Airwalk, we walked along the Huon Pine track. It was only a 20 minute walk and we wanted to get close to those incredible Huon Pine trees.

Big Tree near Tahune Airwalk

Also we had to check out Big Tree Lookout. Come on, a name like that is simply screaming "come see" to those with a curious nature, like me. How big was this tree anyway?

Humongous as you can see. We learnt that it is a "swamp gum". It had somehow managed to survive logging as well as bushfires. I was pretty happy about that.

There were more walks we could have done. With intriguing names like "Zig Zag Track" and "Look-in Lookout" they were hard to resist. But resist them we did as we were running out of time.

But I had no regrets about taking my time on the Tahune Airwalk.


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