Tasmanian born Simon Baker
plays The Mentalist


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Did you ever see Simon Baker playing the role of Nick Fallin in "The Guardian" TV series?  I simply presumed that Baker was American.  So imagine my surprise on discovering that not only was he born in Australia, he hails from our beautiful island state.

He was born in Launceston in 1969. After his parents separated, he moved, with his sister to Lennox Head in New South Wales on the Australian mainland.

During his school days, he mixed with a different types of people, including surfies, nerds and tough guys. Exposure to such a range of characters at an early age would help with acting, I imagine!

One of Baker's first gigs was in in an ice-cream commercial. He was the "triple-choc kid" for Drumstick ice cream cones. That must have been a particularly "tasty" experience.'

His wife, Rebecca Rigg is also an actress. Many Australians will remember Baker and Rigg on the cast of E Street, a popular soapie of the 90s. The couple now have a daughter, Stella, and two sons, Claude and Harry.

After living for many years in Malibu (on the western coast of the US), Baker has recently bought a home in Australia.

What else has Baker done in his career? More recently he plays Patrick Jane in "The Mentalist" TV series. And I simply must mention "The Devil Wears Prada" - I love that movie, and the role he plays too!

In 1993, he won an Australian Logie award for "Most Popular New Talent"

In 2002, he was voted among the "50 Most Beautiful People" in People Magazine.

So yes, I think he qualifies as a famous Tasmanian!


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