Shipstern Bluff for the waves and photo-ops

by cbtsmelb

I'm not a surfer by any means, but I'd love to go see Shipstern Bluff. It's meant to have one of the biggest waves out there for surfing.

It's located in the south east part of Tasmania.

At the very least I want to go there for the photo-op. Getting a photo of the waves would be awesome! And if that included a surfer or two, that would be a bonus.

According to this news article I read, the place gets mentioned in a book about places to surf before you die or something. And from what I understand, it ain't too hard to complete that journey!

Karen's response:

I love your idea!

Yes that is a wild place all right! I remember watching a documentary about a couple of surfers who were out there attempting to surf the big waves.

Part of the appeal of this spot is that it's not real clear how to get there. I think some people like it that way. Makes it mysterious in a very attractive way...

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