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What are the seasons like in Tasmania? Why is the weather compared to that of Northern Europe?

Summers are warm and dry, though not usually as warm as elsewhere in Australia. Winters can be very cold bringing rain and snow, as well as storms on the west coast.

But whatever the season, there is always something special to experience in Tasmania.


Ah, spring! That's the time when plants and animals respond to nature's call to multiply. Lots of colour all around. Lots of sneezing too!

Spring is a great time for bushwalks, fishing and golf. In Tasmania this is the time when a couple of major craft and agricultural shows are on. The Royal Hobart Show showcases some of the best products Tasmania has to offer. Australia's largest craft fair, the Tasmanian Craft fair is also held in spring.

Are you a beerlover? At the Tasmanian Beerfest you get to taste Tasmanian beers as well as beers from all over the world.

And of course what is spring without a garden festival? Gardenfest is an opportunity to pick up great information and tips on everything to do with the garden.


The weather is getting a little warmer.  It's still a great time for outdoor activities.  This would be the best time to check out the water at Tasmania's beaches.

Many Australians pay attention to an iconic Australian event in summer - the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Are you a tennis fan? The Hobart International is one of the events leading up to the Australian Grand Slam tournament. These lead-up events give you the chance to watch the big guns in action early in the piece.


This is a great time to watch colours change as Tasmanian trees prepare for winter.

And the pace does not slow down in Tasmania. Far from it.

Are you a car racing enthusiast? Targa Tasmania, one of Tasmania's most popular events, is held at this time of year.

And then there's the Three Peaks race, a major Tasmanian sporting event, which takes place during the Easter long weekend. You get to see racing in different parts of Tasmania, over land and water.

Agfest, Tasmania's premier agricultural event is held in May. Agfest won the Major Events & Festivals category of the Tasmanian Tourism Awards 5 times!


Winter chills getting to you? Well, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop.

Why not spoil yourself... At the Aztec Chocolate Festival in Latrobe, you get to enjoy all things chocolate.

At the Antarctic Midwinter Festival, there are parades, films, tours and exhibitions. Yes, winter does not have to be so bleak...

And now for something really special... Which requires patience and planning...

Maybe you can try to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights. Tasmania is ideally situated on the globe for viewing this natural and magnificent phenomenon.

To give yourself a good chance of seeing it, make sure:

  • You have an unobstructed view (no buildings in the way) of the southern horizon
  • There is no cloud in the sky
  • The sky is very dark (away from the city lights, not during a full moon or close to full moon time)

Mount Wellington in Hobart comes to mind, presuming the conditions are right.

Of all the seasons, winter is the best time for viewing the Southern lights. Why? Because you have the most hours of darkness at this time of year.

You can find out more about the above-mentioned Tasmanian events at Events Tasmania, an official Tasmanian government website.


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