Possum at Sue's Bridge,
south west Western Australia

by Anna Kerstin Smith
(Balingup WA)



My friend and I were camping at Sue's bridge in the southwest corner of WA. Thought we would brave it and sleep under the stars.

I had put up my hammock between a couple of trees. My friend had her swag rolled out on the picnic table off the ground because snakes hunt at night, she said.

We were just about ready to get into bed when this little fellow arrived next to my hammock with a thump. He sat in the tree for a while looking at us, and he was a real poser so got lots of photos.

I reckon he couldn't wait for us to get to bed so he could have a good look in our camp. But no such luck for him, we weren't in a hurry for bed then.

Thought I'd share this photo with everyone.

Karen's response:

Anna, thanks so much for sharing this photo and the great story of what happened.

That's not a bad photo considering it was night-time too. If it was me, I might be too lazy to get the camera out and try to get a shot of an unpredictable wild animal. So good job on the photo-taking!

And he sure looks like a poser all right...

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