The beautiful island of Tasmania


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The island of Tasmania is such a special place to me. I cannot begin to talk about myself here without mentioning it.

To know more about me then is to know:

About me

And who is the mystery person behind the content on this site? Well now you get to find out.

My name is Karen Breeden and I live in Sydney Australia.

I was born and raised in Singapore. In the 1990s I moved to New Zealand where I lived for 2 years. Then I came to Sydney to join family, and I've lived in Sydney ever since.

I work as an IT Consultant (which helps with the website building) because technology does interest me. I love finding out what it can do and how it can make a difference - not just for me, but for the people I am trying to help in my job.

I also love to travel and I just don't get to do it enough.

Why this website

Since I was a child I have loved writing. I love to write about what's going on in my head.

I write about events in my life, thoughts on stuff, plans for the future. I've filled diaries and travel journals. For me, writing is a great way to express myself, especially for my own sake. It just makes me feel good.

So it just made sense that I should build a website about a place that is very close to my heart - the island of Tasmania.


I must make special mention of my husband Greg because he is always encouraging me to do what makes me happy. He provides me with a wonderful environment in which I can race out to achieve my dreams.

Thank you Greg.

Who this website is for is for anyone who wants to read about what makes Tasmania so special.

Maybe you've never been there, and you would like to go. Maybe you have been there and just love reading about the place. Maybe you just love reading about one-in-a-million places.

Well you've come to the right place!

I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as I enjoy building this site.


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