Iron Pot Lighthouse

by Joanne
(Brisbane QLD)

I would like to go on a Port Arthur Cruise, which departs from the Elizabeth St Pier in Sullivan Cove (in downtown Hobart), either on a Wednesday or a Sunday. On this cruise, I would sail past the Iron Pot lighthouse on the way to Port Arthur.

The day tour returns you by bus and is around $120 per adult.

Even though you cannot step on to the island it would be an interesting day's outing.

I have a fascination for lighthouses and jetties, hence I have been borrowing John Ibbotson's books out of my local library. My latest book borrowed of his is Lighthouses of Australia Tourist Guide.

Karen's response:

Joanne, that's a terrific idea! Thanks for letting us know about this tour, the Iron Pot lighthouse and the book.

I just found this web page on the Iron Pot lighthouse.

This lighthouse has a pretty impressive history - it is Tasmania's first lighthouse and Australia's second! Plus it is believed to be the first Australian lighthouse to use solar power.

I also found some information on the book Lighthouses of Australia - A Visitors Guide by John Ibbotson.

What a wonderful adventure it would be to travel Australia visiting lighthouses, armed with this book. Such remarkable history!

Like you, I'm fascinated too!

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