My morning walk in Hobart


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A popular vantage point for watching the finish of the renowned Sydney to Hobart race - that's where I began my walk around 7am - at Constitution Dock. I was accompanied by my German friend Samer.

Hobart waterfront

As I looked at the boats bobbing gently in the water, I tried to imagine what it must be like here, when the race was on. I was certain it would be far from quiet and peaceful (unlike this particular Sunday morning), and understandably so!

We headed for Salamanca Place, where I marvelled at the sandstone warehouses, now converted to shops and eating places.  I wished I had been here the day before when the Salamanca Market was in full swing.  It was a little early for the shops to be open so we decided to move on, having agreed we would return here again later in the morning.

On to Battery Point. Again my imagination took hold as I thought about what it must have been like here 150 years ago when mariners wandered the streets. I admired the amazing historic houses and took in the beautiful views.

We made our way to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. I was deeply moved by what I learnt about Aboriginal history. The footage of the now extinct Tasmanian tiger also made a great impact on me.

Hobart sausage shop

By then we were ready to head back toward Salamanca place to grab a bite. On the way, Samer was delighted to find a sausage shop that reminded him of home!

For the rest of the morning we were in vege-mode and pretty much hung out at Salamanca place. We enjoyed simply browsing through the shops and buying souvenirs. Best way to see this city up close? See it on foot!


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