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Want to know 5 of my favourite things to do in Tasmania? You've come to the right page!

Tasting Tasmanian produce

I like keeping my taste buds happy. And that's easy to do in Tasmania. Fruit products, salmon, cheese, chocolates, wine, beers, whisky - is it any wonder that partaking of local food products is one of my favourite activities in Tasmania?

For example, in one day I could go to:

And I'm sure I could squeeze in a visit to a winery. And of course a nice local dinner featuring high-quality fresh salmon and maybe some refreshing local beer. What a day...


I love nature.  I could walk for hours admiring forests, lakes, rivers and of course the wildlife.  Tasmania has plenty of all these.

I could be in Cradle Mountain National Park or on Maria Island. Maybe Bruny Island. Or what about Freycinent National Park? I'd be happy anywhere in Tasmania if I was out in the wild, enjoying natural attractions. Bushwalking is always such a calming yet uplifting experience for me.


There are so many magnificent waterways in Tasmania. So many places to cruise and truly appreciate the wonders of nature on the water.

While cruising I can learn about history (like I did in Launceston), or I can get up close to local wildlife (like I did on Bruny Island). Cruising can also get me out to other interesting islands (like Sarah Island on the Gordon River cruise). I find that travelling on the water can be so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Learning about history

Tasmania has a rich history. This is the case whether I am considering Aboriginal history or convict history. There are so many interesting ways to discover Tasmania's fascinating past.

To learn more about Aboriginal history, I would visit cultural centres like the Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre at Devonport. Or I could join a tour focused on learning about Aboriginal history.

To explore convict history, I could just visit the many historic convict sites, like Port Arthur. A visit there is a most rewarding and educational experience.

Or just by visiting the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, I learn so much about Tasmanian history.

Lazing on a beach

Definitely one of my favourite things to do in Tasmania. I would happily do the 45 minute walk to Wineglass Bay Beach so I could relax there for a few hours, or more. Sometimes I enjoy simply being still in a beautiful natural setting, just enjoying what's around me.

Even lake beaches, like the ones at Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park, are ideal for just chilling, letting time pass by, while I enjoy simply being in a beautiful location.

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