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What are my favourite places in Tasmania? It's difficult for me to narrow it down. So on this page I will talk about just five.

Cradle Mountain National Park

I could spend weeks at this place. At this one location you can find some of nature's best offerings. I love doing the walks, admiring the breath-taking scenes around me and observing the wildlife.

My imagination takes me back to the time when the indigenous people roamed freely in this wild place. I even think back to when Cradle Mountain got created. And that was definitely a very very long time ago.

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I love special cities too.  And to me, Hobart is certainly exceptional in that regard.  There are so many historic buildings and places there.  And history really fascinates me.

Not only that, Hobart has so many attractions which appeal to me such as - Salamanca Markets, Mount Wellington and the Botanic Gardens, especially the subantarctic plant house. And because I love chocolate and beer, I would also make time to visit the Chocolate Factory and the Cascade Brewery.

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This is another delightful city. I love Cataract Gorge, doing the walks there and hanging out with the peacocks. Doing a wine tour or two is always a treat. I enjoy wine-tasting and adding a bottle or two to my humble collection.

Like Hobart, Launy has some great old buildings and some terrific history.

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Bruny Island

Refreshly unspoilt Bruny Island. From the time you get on that ferry, and travel that 15 minute journey to the island, you know you're in for something special. Why has no one built a super-fast highway or a fancy bridge? Because this place needs to remain unspoilt.

Another chance to jump on that fabulous eco-cruise and get to see all those amazing rock formations. Not to mention the vibrant wildlife - birds, seals, dolphins, and so many others.

Then there's the remarkable history on this island - the indigenous history which goes back for thousands of years. And then there is the more recent whaling history. Troubling yet true.

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Freycinet National Park

It doesn't take too long to get away from it all at this place. Just 45 minutes and you're at a beach which has been recognised as one of the places to see before you die. When you do see it though, you'll want to keep living for a long time. So that you can keep returning to it.

Then there are all the other great natural attractions in the park. The Hazards, Friendly Beaches and so many more.

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These are just 5 of my favourite places. There are so many more. You'll probably pick up which ones they are as you navigate around the site!


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