Esperance and my Great Grandfather

by Bob Rickards
(Unanderra NSW)

My Great Grandfather was a convict transported to Tasmania on the 7th March 1842 on board the "Eden 2", arriving in Tasmania on the 5th July 1842.

From my research he settled in Esperance near Hobart.

I would like to spend a day trying to find the house he lived in if it is still standing and to try and find the location where he is buried.

I have looked on the current map of Tasmania and cannot find Esperance, but on an older version of the map that was given to me it is there.

Karen’s response:

Bob, that’s great that you have all of that information about your Great Grandfather.

I am fascinated by Esperance! I do hope you find out more about it, where your Great Grandfather lived and even where he is buried.

Have you considered contacting the Tasmanian Historical Research Association? Maybe they can help…

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