Cradle Mountain, a lifetime dream

by Rosanna Marskell
(Bribie Island QLD)

My lifetime dream is to visit Cradle Mountain.

I have sat and gazed at the beautiful pictures on the net, as my heart aches to be there.

"JUST FOR A DAY" would be a dream come true.

I picture myself walking through the mountains in the natural wilderness.

Taking in scenery of a lifetime - of beautiful Dove Lake, that sleeps in the shadow of Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain pictures gives me a beautiful calming feeling. Imagine being there in person?

I feel so excited thinking about being there one beautiful day in my life.

Karen's response:

Rosanna, thanks so much for sharing with us your longing to visit Cradle Mountain.

It's a splendid place. Even though I've been there, I "ache", like you, to return again.

I sincerely hope you'll achieve your lifetime dream soon. We would love to hear from you again when that happens!

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