The convict heritage of Tasmania


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Tasmania's convict heritage certainly adds to the island's special flavour.

Convict craftmanship endures in many fine homesteads and public buildings in Tasmania today.

The Port Arthur Historic Site is a must-visit for anyone wanting to knowing more about the convict history of Tasmania. At Australia's premier convict site, you will get a good understanding of what life would have been like for convicts.

There are other locations where you can see amazing relics and learn more about Tasmania's convict history. Here is a list of places you can visit and what you can see there:

Campbell Town

  • Convict Brick Trail where each brick is dedicated to a convict, and inscribed with their details
  • Red Bridge
Colebrook - remains of the convict Probation Station, built around 1841

Copping - Colonial & Convict Exhibition

Eaglehawk Neck - site of the infamous "dogline" which once kept watch for runaway convicts

Jericho - remains of a convict probation station

Kempton - convict built St Marys Church, constructed around 1838

Koonya - Cascades convict trail site.

Longford - Brickendon convict built farm village

Maria Island - new purposes have been found for several buildings from convict settlement days

Nubeena - Wedge Bay convict trail site

Pontville - St Mark's Church designed in the Romanesque Saxon style by convict architect, James Blackburn.

Premaydena - Impression Bay convict trail site


  • Australia's oldest bridge, Richmond Bridge, built by convicts around 1823
  • Australia's oldest convict gaol, Richmond Gaol, built around 1825

  • convict female factory and original burial ground, now an archaelogical site
Saltwater River
  • Probation Station convict trail site
  • Coal Mines Historic Site
Sarah Island - ruins of Tasmania's first penal station.

Taranna - Norfolk Bay convict trail site at the Norfolk Bay Convict Station.


  • convict built Blackman's River Bridge, Australia's oldest timber single span bridge
  • convict built gaol

Convicts who did not do so well

Not all convicts went on to achieve great things like James Blackburn and Daniel Herbert.

Matthew Brady was an escaped convict who went on to become a notorious bushranger.


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