Clarendon House, Evandale

by Wyn
(Nyabing WA)

Why Clarendon House?

Because that's where our young convict ancestor lived and worked, when he came to Tassie.

He was a coachman for Mrs Cox for many years.

It is a dream of ours to visit this place - where our ancestor first arrived, and where he started his family. We could wander around and view the property as it is today. At the same time we would see hints of the past. We would reflect on what it must have been like for our ancestor and his young family back in those days.

Karen's response:

Wyn, that is such a special reason for wanting to visit Clarendon House, one of the best reasons anyone could ever have.

I hope you get there very soon.

I just read that the property was built by James Cox at a cost of between 20,000 and 40,000 pounds - a lot of money in those days!

I love historic homes so thanks for letting me know about Clarendon House.

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