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Personally, I prefer to stay in caravan parks while in Tasmania.

Let me explain why...

Caravan park at Swansea


It's great having my car parked so close to my cabin door. That makes it easy to get from my cabin to the car or vice-versa. Late at night, I suddenly realise I've left something in the car. All I have to do is step outside quickly and get what I'm after. Not quite the case if I'm staying in a hotel and need to get to my car located in the hotel car park or on the street.

Not to mention how easy it is to lug bags from car to room and back. While I do travel light, having the car door and room door close to each other does make a difference.


Location, location, location as they say in the world of real estate investment. Well that's what I'm thinking too when I decide to stay in a caravan park. It's much easier to find a caravan park in an ideal location like - by a beach, or a lake, or close to a natural reserve, or even amongst the wildlife.

Many a time I've stepped outside my cabin to be greeted by a kangaroo or even a potoroo. What's a potoroo? That's what I thought too when someone identified the funny little animals running around at the caravan park I stayed at, in Port Arthur.

It's lovely to be able to go for a wander around the water's edge or enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your front door.


I can't deny that the very reasonable accommodation price is a drawcard for me too. I want to be out and about seeing the sights, visiting the attractions. I don't plan on being cooped up in my accommodation. Since I don't use it too much I want to pay accordingly.


Speaking of price, I have found that I can stay in a cabin with ensuite and cooking facilities for less than the price of a standard hotel room without cooking facilities.

It's true that while traveling, I do go out for dinner quite a bit. However I like to be able to have a quick breakfast in my room before setting out for the day. I also like to be able to prepare a quick lunch that I can pack for my day trip wherever I may be heading. And it's nice to know that I do have the option of having a quiet dinner in my room if I want. That's very appealing at the end of the day when I'm weary and just want to relax at home.

As you can see, staying in caravan parks can be hard to beat.

Here are some great sites with information on this type of accommodation in Tasmania:

GoSeeAustralia caravanning directory

Accommodation Advertising Network

Caravan Parks Tasmania

What to look out for...

Planning to stay at a caravan park? I do not recommend simply rocking up (without ringing in advance) and expecting everything to be fine - that does not always work. Before turning up, check the following:

  • will they be open at your estimated time of arrival?
  • if they will not be open when you arrive, can arrangements be made so you can pick up your key somehow?
  • will you have access to private or shared bathroom facilities?
  • will towels and bed linen be provided or do you need to bring your own?
Any surprises should be pleasant ones! A little planning can go a long way... Happy caravan park-ing!


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