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One-Day-In-Tasmania submissions

That's right. On this page I invite you to share what you think are the best places in Tasmania.

I know, there are so many! It's too hard to choose! How can anyone decide?

Let's have a bit of fun. I've got a question that might trigger your imagination...

What if you had just
one day to spend in Tasmania?

Share with us on this site your wonderful idea, your exciting dream.

Have you been to Tasmania?
There's some place you know you'd visit again. Or maybe there's a place you did not get to see but would like to, next time you're there.

What if you have never been to Tasmania?
Perhaps you know about Tasmania because others have told you about their travels there. You might have learnt about Tasmania from, or other sources of information.

One-Day-In-Tasmania Dreams
From Other Visitors

Click on the links below to read about other One-Day-In-Tasmania ideas and dreams. They were all written by visitors to

'The Wall' in Derwent Bridge 
This was the most impressive thing we saw...well, ok, Tassie is absolutely riddled with impressive places - but The Wall was spectacular. The carvings …

Esperance and my Great Grandfather 
My Great Grandfather was a convict transported to Tasmania on the 7th March 1842 on board the "Eden 2", arriving in Tasmania on the 5th July 1842. From …

Count the wombats at Ronny Creek 
I would get off the plane in Hobart early on a Saturday morning and hire a car. First stop - the Salamanca markets. Great food, buskers and fantastic …

Cradle Mountain, a dream for years 
This place has been on my bucket list for years - ever since doing my Tourism studies as a mature age student and studying the pristine area. When I …

Clarendon House, Evandale 
Why Clarendon House? Because that's where our young convict ancestor lived and worked, when he came to Tassie. He was a coachman for Mrs Cox for …

Safety Cove Beach 
What would I do there? I would sit there and do my thinking and dreaming. Safety Cove is beautiful and serene, a great place to get away from it all. …

Wombats in the snow 
My favourite place is the boardwalks around the park going down to Dove Lake . I just love wildlife and wombats have pride of place. So to see them …

Cradle Mountain, a lifetime dream 
My lifetime dream is to visit Cradle Mountain. I have sat and gazed at the beautiful pictures on the net, as my heart aches to be there. "JUST FOR …

Barnbougle Farm Golf Course, Bridport 
I have been to Tassie and loved it. I looked all around. I took my parents there on holiday, so was restricted to some extent. However since becoming …

Eddystone Point Lighthouse, NE coast of Tasmania 
I would like to visit the Eddystone Point lighthouse after reading of the renovations in the free to read newsletter at the Lighthouses of Australia …

Iron Pot Lighthouse 
I would like to go on a Port Arthur Cruise, which departs from the Elizabeth St Pier in Sullivan Cove (in downtown Hobart), either on a Wednesday or a …

West Coast Wilderness Railway 
My plan is to do all the special train rides in the world. For example, the Trans-Siberia in Russia, the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. But back to …

Just one place? 
Too hard to call. Many places of delight in Tasmania. From the beautiful coastal route of the north shore, to the majesty of Cradle mountain , the …

Port Arthur, oozing with interesting history 
I find history so interesting. And this place is oozing with it.. It has a very sad history, but I guess all prisons do. As I am going to Port Arthur …

Giants of the Styx valley 
Ever since I was a child, living in the mountains of southern California amongst tall pines, I┬┤ve known about the Eucalyptus Regnans and Eucalyptus Globulus …

Shipstern Bluff for the waves and photo-ops 
I'm not a surfer by any means, but I'd love to go see Shipstern Bluff. It's meant to have one of the biggest waves out there for surfing. It's located …

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