Kate's Berry Farm
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Going to Kate's Berry Farm was not part of the original plan.

We were leaving Swansea (on Tasmania's east coast), when Greg (my husband) made the suggestion. We had seen a "Kate's Berry Farm" sign on the way in to Swansea. Why not stop there for morning tea, he asked. I must say I wasn't too thrilled with the idea as I was aware of our tight schedule and wanted to keep going.

Well I caved...but...

No regrets, let me tell you. Far from it.

View from Kate's Berry Farm

To start with, the views were magnificent.

It took us some time to get from the car park to the inside of the shop. Why? We just couldn't get over the views. The views of the farm were breath-taking. But those weren't the only views. We could also see the sparkling waters off Tasmania's east coast. It was one of those beautiful Tasmanian mornings. The skin seemed so clear, the cloudless sky so blue...

Kate's Berry Farm

Well eventually we did enter the shop.  And then there were important decisions to be made!  What to have for morning tea?  There were so many yummy treats on offer.  

I still recall the taste of what we finally decided on. I chose humbleberry with ice-cream. I had never even heard of humbleberry before, let alone tasted it. It was true to its name. It had a quiet but satisfying sweet flavour. Not over the top. Just the way I wanted my morning tea that day.

Greg chose something we were more familiar with - raspberries with ice-cream. And it was sensational. As you can guess, we couldn't resist sampling each other's choice too.

After morning tea, it wasn't over yet. We had some shopping to do! You see there were some lovely berry products on offer. And Greg and I are big jam-lovers. I wanted more of that humbleberry I can tell you! So I got some all right...

Greg got raspberry jam for us too. And we got some boysenberry jam for Greg's mum who is also fond of jams.

Kate's Berry Farm impressed us tremendously. Such delightful tastes, such breath-taking views, yes it felt like heaven, or close to it.

Back home, whenever I had some of that yummy jam, it just took me back to Tasmania and Kate's Berry Farm. When can I go again?!!

How do you get there?

The address is 12 Addison Street. The farm is located just 2 km south of Swansea on the east coast of Tasmania.


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