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Elegant homes dating back to past centuries, water views, historic appeal - Battery Point was calling out to me that day.

As we headed there, we passed a real estate agency advertising homes for sale exactly where we were going. One of the ads got my attention. The photograph of the house looked stunning. It was described as dating back to the 1850s and rich in the history of the area. It even had its own coach house! Wow - that really got my imagination wandering...

Battery Point welcome sign

As soon as I saw the welcome sign, I started looking up and down the road trying to spot historic homes. Yup I could definitely detect some old sandstone exteriors. I knew there was more to come...

Narryna House Battery Point

We came upon lovely Narryna House. This Georgian style house was once the residence of a successful 19th century Hobart based merchant and his family. It is now a museum. It showcases treasures from the past including household items donated by Tasmania's pioneer families.

Battery Point Hampden Road

I loved the mix of old and new. And you can see this of course in many historic districts where older buildings have been preserved and newer houses built next to them.

Then I had a pleasant surprise!

72 Hampden Road Battery Point

I came upon the very house I was admiring in the real estate agency ad!

Why can't I buy this house I wondered... What would you want with an old coach house, my sensible husband inquired.

Well, I didn't make an offer. And no, it wasn't because I didn't need a coach house. It was more to do with the ad stating "offers over $1.25 million". That was a little out of my price range. Quite a bit out of it actually...

Mafeking Pretoria Battery Point

Look at this beauty. I could make out the words Mafeking Pretoria on the front of the building. I wonder what inspired these words. I know that Pretoria is located in South Africa. Maybe it is a place which meant something to the builder?

Battery Point View

As we were walking along, I noticed the attractive mountain and water views. Beauty just about everywhere you look. No wonder Battery Point does well on the property market.

Battery Point Village Cafe

Le Circus De Dragonfly is a delightful looking shop with The Village Cafe next to it.

That day the cafe was offering Tasmanian scallop pie with salad for $8.50. Yummy! Too bad I didn't have time to stop.

I did get to read the cafe slogan though:
"Everything's beautiful in the Village".

The notice had more to say:
"beautiful breakfasts, beautiful food, beautiful coffee".

The list of Battery Point pluses gets longer...

Lenna Hobart

Well I may be priced out of buying a property in Battery Point but I can at least stay in this gorgeous looking hotel - Lenna of Hobart... According to the hotel website, the Lenna was built in 1874. It is classified by the National Trust and also listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

The picture actually shows the restaurant and bar sections of the Lenna hotel buildings. Alexander's Restaurant is named after the original owner of Lenna, Alexander McGregor. According to the hotel website, this restaurant offers Hobart's best dining experience. An impressive claim!

Unfortunately, no time for a hotel stay, a meal at Alexander's or haggling down the price of that house. But certainly many reasons for coming back here some day...


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