Barnbougle Farm Golf Course, Bridport

by Leigh

Barnbougle Lost Farm Golf Course

Barnbougle Lost Farm Golf Course

I have been to Tassie and loved it. I looked all around. I took my parents there on holiday, so was restricted to some extent.

However since becoming a golfer I have thought how beautiful the courses in Tassie must be.

Then through the internet I saw Barnbougle Farm Golf Course and lusted after a game. I have stayed there since!

It offers the best of both worlds - spectacular views and golf with my partner - what more could you want? Awesome!!!

Karen's response:

Leigh, thanks so much for letting us know about this beautiful place. Your photo is wonderful!

I just visited the Barnbougle Lost Farm website, and it looks like a really special place.

What you've said almost makes me want to go learn golf right now!

It certainly seems like a unique golf course and not just because of the 20 holes!

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