Antarctica and Tasmania
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I was delighted to discover the exciting ways in which Antarctica and Tasmania are connected.

Islands to Ice exhibition

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Islands to Ice exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart.

At the exhibition I learnt about who are the people who go to Antarctica and why. I got to know about the animals that inhabit this remote continent. I read the stories of scientists who have spent long periods of time in this desolate land, carrying out their research projects. I found out a little about what it's like to live there. Since then I've become aware of other ways in which Tasmania is connected to this extraordinary continent.

Subantarctic plant house

This is situated at the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens in Hobart. On display in a climate controlled environment, are living plants that grow on the Antarctic continent. You even get to hear sound effects reflecting the natural environment of these plants. These include the sounds of animals as well as the weather.

Government initiatives

Antarctic Tasmania is a government unit that has been established to promote the use of Tasmania and Tasmanian resources in any endeavours relating to the Antarctic continent.

The Antarctic Research Centre carries out scientific study of Antarctic regions so as to gain a better understanding of potential effects on Australia's future. The centre also administers the Australian Antarctic Research program. This program includes expeditions and policy development.

How exciting - I think that in another life I would definitely try to join an Antarctic expedition conducting research!

Oh well, you never know, it might not be too late...

These are just some of the many ways in which Tasmania has connections with the Antarctic continent.

Ready to cruise?

For me, an Antarctic cruise would be one of my top travel experiences. I can't think of anything more enticing as far as travel goes. And yes, you can actually join a cruise leaving from Hobart.

You can get more information at the Discover Tasmania web page on Antarctic travel.


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