Tassie On My Mind, November 2009
- Let the fun and frolic continue

Welcome to the November 2009 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Spring is always a good time for fun and frolic.

And no less in Tasmania. As you will see below, Tasmania has quite a variety of fun and frolic on offer...

This issue:

  • I started a joke
  • Celebrate Christmas in Hobart
  • Beerfest and Gardenfest
  • Maybe not for seals?
  • Another win for Tasmania

I started a joke

What do I mean by "I started a joke"? It's a reference to an old song by the Bee Gees.

Never heard of it? Never mind, I might be showing my age a little bit...

I'm talking about the suggestion to attach wind turbines to the Tasman Bridge. Originally proposed for a laugh, a bunch of Hobart architects now seriously think the idea has promise. On the one hand, the Tasman Bridge literally supports petrol-guzzling vehicles. On the other hand it could help to generate green power.

According to architect Phillip Stary, "There's a very well-known wind corridor for northerlies that race down the river."

Could be a winner!

Don't like the sound of it? Better go check out the Tasman Bridge as soon as you can, in case this dream becomes reality!

Celebrate Christmas in Hobart

According to Alderman Ron Christie, "This year's festive season will be one where visitors and families can relax and feel safe all day and during the nights."

He was referring to Christmas celebrations in Hobart.

There will be a Christmas pageant and parade on 21 November. Carols on the Bay will take place on 20 December. For more information visit the Hobart City Council website

And while you're attending the Christmas festivities, make sure to check out charming Hobart and its many attractions.

Beerfest and Gardenfest

Are you a beerlover? At the Tasmanian Beerfest you get to taste Tasmanian beers as well as beers from all over the world.

And what an ideal venue for indulging in all this terrific tasting - Hobart's picturesque waterfront.

Representatives from several breweries will be speaking on the art of beer making. Plus you can find out more about beer and food matching. Even you beer experts might learn a thing or two!

You will also get to enjoy great food and live music - what a delight for the senses the Tasmanian Beerfest will be.

And of course what is spring without a garden festival? Gardenfest is an opportunity to pick up great information and tips on everything to do with the garden.

It will be held in Entally Estate in northern Tasmania.

Like Beerfest, there will be music and food available, plus children's activities too. You can bring the family!

Maybe not for seals?

Well perhaps for seals, it's time for the fun and frolic to cease.

Why? Apparently:

  • seals cause damage to fishing equipment
  • rogue seals attack people
  • seals are eating up fish stocks

Tasmania's fishermen are divided over what to do about these problems, which have gotten worse, due to the exploding seal population. Some are calling for culling, others are not so sure.

Currently, rogue seals do get relocated, but this is a costly exercise.

According to a spokesman from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, seals have a role to play in keeping the balance in marine ecosystems, not to mention the contribution to ecotourism.

Well I don't want to see anything go wrong for Tasmania's fishing industry. But the same applies for Tasmania's marine ecosystems and ecotourism industry too. And I definitely would not like any seals to be hurt.

Hopefully we will have a solution soon...

Another win for Tasmania?

A winner in wine, a winner as a travel destination, a winner in so many ways.

An now...

According to the Great Australian Sex Census, Tassies are winners in the bedroom.

Of all the Australian states, Tasmania has the greatest number of people (38%) who were never bored having sex with their regular partner. This is unlike New South Wales and Western Australia where 27.9% claim to have lost interest.

Such contentment is easy to understand when there is so much that is beautiful about Tasmania, don't you think?

Well that's it for this issue.

Yes spring is here in full force all right. We heard some chicks cheeping the other day and realised they were enjoying their new lives in their nest in our roof! I guess that's as much a sign that spring is here as it is a sign that we need to get our roof fixed!

See you in December!

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