Tassie On My Mind, May 2011
- get into Tasmania

Welcome to the May 2011 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

As usual, Tasmania knows how to get with it, and there's a lot to get into, in Tasmania. So go on - get free and get festive, all in Tasmania. Read on and you'll get the hang of it...

This issue:

  • Aurora Australis gets free
  • Get festive
  • Get bridal
  • Get mesmerised
  • Get into trout

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Aurora Australis gets free

I'm referring to Australia's Antarctic flagship, called Aurora Australis, based in Tasmania. The ship is named after an amazing atmospheric phenomenon (also known as the Southern Lights) that can be viewed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Back to the ship called Aurora Australis...

This ship is specially designed for marine science and oceanographic work, as well as research and resupply to teams working in the Antarctic.

Working in this part of the world, what do you think the ship needs to be able to do? Break ice of course! And it is very capable of doing just that. It can break ice up to 1.23 metres thick!

I just read a newspaper article about how the ship got stuck in ice for a few days but was finally able to break free. It was then able to continue on its journey to pick up people who have been working at Australia's Antarctic bases over summer.

You can learn more about Aurora Australis (ship as well as phenomenon) at the Australian Antarctic Division website.

Isn't it great that Tasmania and Antarctica are connected in so many exciting ways?

Get festive

It's time again for Agfest, Tasmania's premier agricultural event. This year it will be held from 5th to 7th May. There are some interesting things to see such as
  • pavilions showcasing craft, fashion and fine foods
  • equine expo
  • sheep dog trials
Find out more at the Agfest website.

Also, it's time again for Savour Tasmania. Now in its third year, it will take place from 25th to 29th May in Hobart, on 2nd June in Launceston and on 4th June in Burnie.

As the program describes, it's an epicurean event showcasing the highest quality Tasmanian produce.

There are so many ways you can join in. You can choose to attend a cooking demonstration for free or maybe you'd like to pay $225 for dinners prepared by top chefs.

How about this? A master class led by a renowned chef, Tasmanian chocolatier Igor Van Gerwen (of Anvers Chocolate in Tasmania's North West) and Tasmania's own Junior Masterchef runner-up Jack Lark. You'll get to sample the resulting dishes in a sumptuous lunch. Wow!

Depending on what appeals to you and what suits your budget, take your pick from the options on offer.

The Savour Tasmania program has all the details of what's on this year.

Get bridal

A certain very famous newly married couple have definitely been in the news lately haven't they? Whether you wanted to know all about it or not! Well I do wish Kate and William all the best in life, as I would wish any couple committing to a future together.

And Tasmania is getting very bridal at the moment, what with two wedding exhibitions being held in May. So if you're thinking about or are planning to get hitched or know anyone else who might be, these might help:

  • The Bridal Exhibition, Country Club Tasmania, Country Club Ave, Prospect Vale, Sunday 15th May 2011, 10:00am till 4:00pm
  • The Bride Tasmania Wedding Expo, Derwent Entertainment Centre, Hobart, Sunday 15th May 2011, 10:00am till 4:00pm
So what happens at these wedding fairs? Just before getting married myself, a few years ago, I did find it helpful to attend a few of these. Not only do you get great ideas for how to spend as little money or as much money as you want for your wedding, you also get to meet potential service providers. For example, we found our photographer at one of these events.

It's terrific to talk to people there and find out as much as you can. I remember getting a lot of valuable information about reception venues.

There are good deals to be had too - magazines, services etc at discounted rates.

It can be a bit of a girly affair of course what will all the gowns, jewellery, flowers, cakes etc on display. So groom-to-be may or may not want to attend, but perhaps should be warned of what to expect. Wherever I attended though I was pleasantly surprised to find many brides-to-be attending with their grooms. Well I do think it's important the men participate in the planning too, don't you?

I wonder if Kate and William attended any of these expos?

Get mesmerised

Getting mesmerised in Tasmania is easy thanks to all the natural wonders you can see, the events you can join in, the history you can immerse yourself in, and so much more of course...

But here I'm talking about something else.

Have you ever seen those shows where a hypnotist gets on stage, asks for volunteers, takes them away to spend a bit of time with them, brings them back then gets them to do some outrageous things? For example, I remember seeing one show where one volunteer was asked to behave like a seal and started doing an outstanding job of just that!

Well if you've ever wanted to know what really goes on at these shows, now's your chance!

Hypnotist Zeiken Black will be performing at the Burnie Arts & Function Centre on Friday 13th May. As the promo goes, you can choose to see the show or be the show!

I like that it's referred to as comedy hypnosis, hence not to be taken too seriously.

Apparently Zeiken Black made a documentary on hypnosis in 2009 - that would be an interesting viewing I think!

Something about hypnosis scares me. The idea of someone else being in control rather than my being in control I guess. Well someone once told me that the hypnotee still does have ultimate control but is not as bothered as they would usually be about giving up the control when the "show" is on. Similar to the effect alcohol can have on people I suppose. Not that I know too much about that :-)

Get into trout

Do you like trout? Do you prefer to eat it or to catch it?

Tasmania's Inland Fisheries Service will be hosting the Trout Weekend at Liawenee, Great Lake on 21-22 May. Be a part of the action as hundreds of wild brown trout return for their annual spawning run at Liawenee.

It's free and family-friendly!

You'll get to learn about fisheries management including the sustainable practices used to make sure that the wild trout fishery continues to be restocked.

At Liawenee, you'll get to:

  • catch your own trout
  • talk to experts
  • ride a helicopter
  • ride a bus along the canal
  • visit trade exhibits
  • view live freshwater fish aquaria

Sounds like a fun and educational weekend to me! Find out more at the Inland Fisheries Services website.

Well that's it for this issue.

So what gets you most excited about Tasmania? The natural wonders, the history, the produce, the events, the links with Antarctica? It's a little bit of everything for me I think. Which is why I love talking about what's on offer in this beautiful island state. And you can tell, I'm sure...

See you in June!

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