Tassie On My Mind, May 2010
- Tasmania hots up

Welcome to the May 2010 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight! Do you remember that song by Billy Idol back in the '80s? Yes, it's a case of me showing my age again

I'm thinking about that song because of the warm April Hobart just had. It was the warmest April for Australia's southermost capital city in 20 years.

And that's not all that's hot about Tasmania. Find out more below...

This issue:

  • Lumina lights up winter
  • Underwater art
  • Tasmania's largest event
  • MasterChef contestant from Tasmania
  • More Tassie inspirations

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Lumina lights up winter

April may have been a hot one for Hobart. But all that's in the past now. Time to prepare for colder weather, get out those warmer clothes, stay indoors...

Hang on...

Stop the hibernating - Lumina is premiering this year!

What is Lumina? It's a winter festival extending over the next four months. Arts, food, wine, culture, sport - any of those interest you? These are some of the exciting items on the Lumina agenda.

Lumina has already had a rather noisy start, thanks to Targa Tasmania. The winter celebrations continue with events like:

  • Tasmania Symphony Orchestra Winter Season
  • Savour Tasmania showcasing the delights of Tassie's fine food and produce

Don't miss out...

Underwater art

I found out about an amazing art exhibition that I just have to tell you about.

It may or may not be your thing but it certainly appealed to me.

River Turns is an exhibition featuring oil paintings by Tasmania's own Catherine Stringer.

When I read that Stringer was known for "dreamy underwater images" which were described as "soulful and evocative" inviting "reflection and metaphor", I had to find out more.

Then I saw an image of one of the paintings. It just took my breath away!

I love looking at artwork that stirs my imagination. And that painting certainly does.

I was amazed to learn that Stringer has actually gone under water in various Tasmanian rivers to get first hand experiences to help her create her paintings.

She sure is dedicated to her work!

Tasmania's largest event

Do you know what Tasmania's largest event is? It's Agfest.

Featuring agricultural and industrial demonstrations, Tasmania's premiere event will be held from Thursday 6 May to Saturday 8 May.

Last year it brought in about 75,000 people - that's a lot of people.

With dairy products, craft products, food and wines, fashion parades and more on offer, it's no wonder that Agfest boasts the second highest attendance of all agricultural field show days in the country.

And it's no wonder that Agfest is one of the events I mention at the Tasmania attractions website.

MasterChef contestant from Tasmania

I'm not really one for reality shows (pardon the pun). It's just that I don't like seeing people being put down as often happens on these shows. It can get ugly sometimes...

But it's true I have watched the odd episode here and there of Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race and of course MasterChef. Apparently MasterChef was Australia's most watched show last year.

MasterChef might certainly be attracting more Tasmanian viewers at the moment. Why? Because Tasmania's very own Philip Vakos is a contender in the current season. And he has made it to the top 24.

Confessing to be "pretty much born into food", Philip names his grandmother Eleni as his inspiration when it comes to his passion for cooking.

According to Philip, "No matter how bad things are, when you get everybody together and have good Greek food, everything is fine and happy". I do agree that good food can certainly help make a dark situation brighter!

More Tassie inspirations

Here are a few other inspiring Tasmanians I have been reading about:
  • Steve Lovell the 59-year-old one-legged surfer from Carlton. As Steve puts it, "...surfing gives me a great fitness regimen, and it's a sense of achievement."
  • Tessa Jarvis, Paul Foreman and Cameron Perry, winners at the Australian Regional Culinary Competition, held recently in Adelaide. The team served up cocktail abalone and Flinders Island lamb - very Tasmanian!
  • 16 Tasmanians making up the first ever Tasmanian BMX team competing in the upcoming 2010 BMX National Titles in Victoria. Both Tasmania's BMX clubs, Southern City and Launceston have come together and managed to gain sponsorship allowing them to form the team.

Go Tasmania!!!

Well that's it for this issue.

Yes it's getting colder but not to worry, you can stay home, and snuggle up in front of the TV watching Philip Vakos dazzle you with his culinary talents on MasterChef.

Or else, never mind the cold, get out there and get into Agfest!

However you choose to kick off the colder months, do stay warm and keep well.

See you next month!

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