Tassie On My Mind, June 2010
- Tasmania draws you in

Welcome to the June 2010 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Tasmania has something to offer whether you're a fox, a killer whale, or a murder mystery enthusiast. What if you're a wine lover or an art lover? Maybe the underwater world appeals to you?

Find out more below about how Tasmania draws you in...

This issue:

  • The wildlife at Bruny Island
  • Look beneath the surface
  • Truly Tasmanian art
  • Is red wine good for you?
  • Hobart has my cup of coffee

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The wildlife at Bruny Island

And I'm not just talking about my wonderful Bruny Island eco-cruise experience where I got to encounter some amazing wildlife.

It seems that wild animals are somehow drawn to Bruny Island. Even if it means getting there by boat!

Foxes have been sighted on Bruny Island. But how did they get there? Foxes are not known for their swimming abilities, so the theory is they were stowaways on a vessel bound for the island. A bright red animal with a big bushy tail - how did that get missed? Oh well, if you're focused on the work at hand (as you should be), that's possible...

And then of course, there are the killer whales...

What killer whales?

These animals do actually inhabit the waters around Tasmania. And they are not easy to spot. However some fortunate folks on a Bruny Island cruise got to see them. Needless to say, unlike foxes, whales are very good at swimming!

Foxes and killer whales heading to this island huh? Well, there's something special about Bruny Island...

Look beneath the surface

I'm referring to the surface of the Tamar estuary at Launceston.

I just read about an interesting photographic exhibition being held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk in the city of Launceston. In this exhibition you get to learn about the variety of plants and animals living in the waters of the Tamar Estuary.

The exhibition is aptly named "Beneath the Tamar: more than silt".

Having gone snorkeling many times (and even scuba diving a few times), I've come to appreciate the beauty of marine life which is often hidden away underwater. You're completely in another world.

So this exhibition certainly appeals to me.

The work has been put together by two lecturers from the Australian Maritime College. So you can expect not just beautiful scenes but some details about what you are looking at too. I could certainly have done with those when I was out snorkeling!

Truly Tasmanian art

The artist is Tasmanian, the theme is Tasmania.

I'm referring to the Anthea Boden art exhibition entitled "Settlement".

Have you ever seen abstract art? What did you think of it? I have seen some abstract art which tickled my funny bone, so it served a good purpose I suppose!

But when I had a look at Anthea Boden's art, even though it is abstract, I found that it makes sense for me. Have a look at some of Boden's art at the Despard Gallery website and see what you think.

The paintings show Hobart scenes. Having lived and worked in Hobart for 28 years, Anthea Boden knows what to paint when it comes to Hobart. Not only has she exhibited her work many times, her paintings are contained in private collections in Australia. She has definitely got a following...

Is red wine good for you?

I've heard that red wine can be good for you, because it contains anti-oxidants. When it comes to wine, I must say I do prefer red to white. What about you?

Perhaps you can find out more about the benefits of red wine at Tasmania's Red Wine Weekend. It will be held on the weekend of the 12th and 13th June at Salamanca Place in Hobart.

There will be up to 80 different wines to sample - mind you, I don't recommend tasting all 80 in one sitting!

Wine tastings and sales will be available from 12 noon to 5pm. Plus you get to chat to the wine makers themselves. Now's your chance to put the hard questions to them - questions about why red wine is good for you...

Hobart has my cup of coffee

And now for something that's my cup of tea. Or in this case, coffee.

I'm talking about Black Coffee, a play presented by the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society. It goes till 12th June.

What is the attraction for me?

Since I was a child I have been a fan of British author Agatha Christie's murder mystery stories.

Black Coffee features Hercule Poirot, a colourful character created by Christie. Poirot is a Belgian private detective. The play is set in the post World War I era. Poirot's mission is to find a physicist's formula.

I would expect the story to be full of twists and turns before all is finally revealed. Christie has her own "formula" but it's certainly one I've come to delight in over the years.

Find out more at the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society website.

Well that's it for this issue.

So does Tasmania draw you in? Well it must in some way or you wouldn't be reading this I suppose!

How does Australia's island state draw you in? What appeals to you the most?

We are all so different, and that's what makes the world such a diverse place. You may like what I like, or you may like something else about Tasmania.

Why not tell me and others all about it on the website? Read below for more details...

See you next month!

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