Tassie On My Mind, August 2010
- It's happening in Tasmania

Welcome to the August 2010 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

What's happening in Tasmania? I'm glad you asked!

How would you like to be impressed and inspired?

I'm going to be telling you about:

  • a Tasmanian classic,
  • more Tassie wins,
  • well-deserved recognition for certain special places in Tasmania
  • and entertainment with a unique Tasmanian flavour

And last but not least an exciting national event that will delight kids of all ages.

This issue:

  • The three Ms
  • Tasmanian produce impresses
  • Tasmanian towns inspire
  • Tasmanian places recognised
  • What would we do otherwise?

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The three Ms

This is to do with a Tasmanian classic - the annual Hobart Doll Show. The 2010 show will be held on 28th to 29th August. The theme will be "Magic, Mayhem and Mystique".

In view of the theme, what do you think would be good ideas for dolls? A beautiful fairy doll? A witch or wizard from the Harry Potter books? Or maybe one of the vampires out of Twilight?

Now if only I actually knew how to make a doll...

Feel free to steal any of my ideas if you wish.

Last year, a certain "royal" doll stole the show, as mentioned in the September 2009 issue of Tassie On My Mind. I wonder which doll or dolls will delight the crowds in 2010?

Find out more about the 2010 Hobart Doll Show.

Tasmanian produce impresses

And no wonder - there's nothing like it in the world.

The 2010 Produce Awards were sponsored by ABC's Delicious magazine. Tasmanian producers scored medals in two of the categories. These are the Tassie medallists:

From The Earth category:

  • Miellerie (tea tree honey), miellerie.com.au
  • Tas-Saff (saffron), tas-saff.com.au
  • The Tasmanian Honey Company, tasmanianhoney.com

From The Sea category:

  • Spring Bay Seafoods (mussels and cocktail abalone), springbayseafoods.com.au

As stated by Matt Preston of Delicious magazine,
Every great meal, whether at home or in a fancy restaurant, starts with good produce. These awards shine a spotlight on our food heroes, people who are raising the bar on what great produce means.

And how about that - two Tassie honey producers are winners! As Yves Ginat of Miellerie said,
It's a symbol of the high quality we can produce in Tasmania.

Tasmanian towns inspire

How would you like some Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea? Sound like an odd mix? Sound odd full-stop?

That's the name of a Tasmanian Theatre Company production featuring four new plays inspired by Tasmanian towns. While spending time in these towns, the playwrights gathered their ideas for the stories.

So you see? You could be simply getting about your town, doing what you do, unaware that you are inspiring a play production - you never know!

Interested in finding out what it's all about? You can catch the production at the Earl Arts Centre, Launceston between the 25th and 28th August.

The tagline definitely sounds interesting:
Four great new Tasmanian plays about love, loss, betrayal & fishing!

Find out more about Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea.

Tasmanian places recognised

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (or UNESCO) have just recognised eleven convict sites in Australia as a single World Heritage property named Australian Convict Sites.

Included were Tasmanian sites:

  • Port Arthur Historic Site ,
  • Brickendon and Woolmers Estates near Longford ,
  • Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island ,
  • Coal Mines Historic Site and
  • Cascades Female Factory in Hobart
  • There are many sites in Tasmania where you can learn about convict heritage.

    Do you know who UNESCO are and what they do? I remember learning about them in school but needed a quick refresher.

    According to their website,
    UNESCO works to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values.

    Nice to get this recognition for special Tasmanian places that are certainly very highly valued by us all...

    What would we do otherwise?

    What would we do without all the wonderful achievements and accomplishments in the field of science, technology and engineering?

    Time to celebrate how far we've come with National Science Week, our biggest national festival.

    The Tasmania program will feature a range of exciting events and activities taking place in the island state from 14th to 22nd August.

    For example:

    • See short films with a strong environmental and sustainability theme at the Scinema Festival of Science Film
    • Enjoy science demonstrations with songs and audience interaction at The Great Big Science Gig
    • Catch up with Arctic explorer Tim Jarvis as he speaks about motivation, leadership and environmental change
    • Discover why there's more to Tasmanian seaweed than meets the eye with the help of marine scientists and an award-winning photographer
    • Spend a Night at the Museum with passionate zoologists and be dazzled by Tasmanian animals

    Find out more about National Science Week events in Tasmania.

    Well that's it for this issue.

    So, have you tried any of that fine Tasmanian produce? Or perhaps you've visited one of Tasmania's remarkable convict sites? Maybe you're planning to head over there and attend one of the many unique Tasmanian events, be it the Doll Show or Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea?

    I would love to hear all about it - whether it's a plan or a dream already achieved.

    And I'm sure visitors to tasmania-attractions.com would love to read about what you have to say too.

    Find out below how you can add your comments to the site...

    See you next month!

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