Tassie On My Mind, August 2009
- Heroes and tragedies
in Tasmania

Welcome to the August 2009 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest Tasmania travel-related news.

Heroes and tragedies - so vastly different.

Yet there are lessons to learn from both.

Let's try to learn them well...

This issue:

  • Tasmanian heroes recognised
  • Tasmanian winners in bread making competition
  • First indigenous tourism venture in Tasmania
  • Drive to conditions on Tasmania's roads
  • Not for alcohol ads

Tasmanian heroes recognised

On 13th July some inspiring Tasmanians were honoured in a special ceremony at Moorilla Estate in Hobart. These Tasmanians were 26 Pride of Australia finalists.

To whom are Pride of Australia medals awarded?

I could not put it any better than the Pride of Australia website:

Ordinary Australians do extraordinary things throughout our communities. They are our nation’s unsung heroes. Their contribution is not widely known or recognised by the general public but through their achievements these remarkable Australians inspire all of us, as individuals and collectively, to help make our nation a better place to live.

We are very proud of our Tasmanian winners, in fact all the Australian winners. Click here to learn more about them.

Tasmanian winners in bread making competition

A team of Hobart bakers have won 3 awards including 2 first prices in the National Bakery Competition, run by Bakery Australia.

Jeremy Buckland, Damien Goss and Corey Newton are from Zum North bakery in North Hobart. They won prizes for their condensed sandwich loaf, traditional sourdough and focaccia.

Zum North bakery focuses on village breads using traditional ingredients and no preservatives.

Some things are best done the old-fashioned way, don't you think? I'm thinking of heading down to Zum North to check out these tasty loaves myself!

First indigenous tourism venture in Tasmania

Have you heard of Larapuna?

How about Eddystone Point in Tasmania's north east?

The Aboriginal Land Council is planning a tourism venture that would help educate people about the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the region.

Tourists would get to enjoy Aboriginal tours, dance and music. I must say I do like the sound of that!

In the meantime there are other places in Tasmania where you can learn about Aboriginal heritage.

Drive to conditions on Tasmania's roads

Tasmania saw the worst day for road deaths last month. In just one day 9 people were killed. A woman and her son, two men and a young girl, an elderly man, and three adults from one family all died in crashes on the same day.

Certainly erratic driving was a factor but icy conditions were also noted.

It is critical to drive to conditions when on Tasmania's roads. This cannot be stated enough.

Driving to conditions is a must-do on roads anywhere of course, not just Tasmania's roads. Stop if you have to.

I remember one occassion when driving rain was so heavy that I had to pull over to the side of the road to wait it out along with other safety minded motorists.

Better safe than sorry, or should I say - dead...

Not for alcohol ads

And now for something more uplifting...

A Tasmanian model agency has refused to hire out their models for any alcohol promotions.

"Stopping the promotion of alcohol products meant we lost about 40 per cent of our income, but we felt we had to," said Mr John Bocchino, the director of Euro Modelling.

Mr Bocchino is making a stand against excessive drinking by those in the 18-24 age group. This is the age group that tends to be targeted by alcohol product promotions.

Euro Modelling, based in Moonah, now focuses on personal development and building confidence for young people. The agency sees itself as having a role to play in serving the community.

Both uplifting and inspiring, don't you think?

Well that's it for this issue.

I must say - although winter has its moments, I am really looking forward to spring... Just one month away now...

See you in September!

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