Tassie On My Mind, April 2011
- The delights of Tasmania

Welcome to the April 2011 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

The delights of Tasmania include premier sporting events as well as art festivals and musical productions. The choice is yours. Wherever you find yourself in Tasmania, you will not be far away from wonderful Tasmanian experiences that are highly rated by top travel magazines. You could even fall in love!

This issue:

  • Top things to do in Tasmania
  • Racing in Tasmania
  • Arts in Tasmania
  • Number 1 in the Hot 100
  • Tasmania inspires love

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Top things to do in Tasmania

Australian Traveller magazine recently asked for nominations for their list of 100 things to do in Australia before you die. They then got, as they put it, "a panel of ten well-respected and well-travelled Australians to help us vote on the final 100".

I was delighted to discover that 12 of those things to do are Tasmanian!

Here is the list of Tasmanian experiences included in the 100:

004 Walk our most beautiful beach at Wineglass Bay
012 Hike the Overland Track to Cradle Mountain
014 Eat your way around King Island
029 Trek to the Bay of Fires
034 Hire a van and drive around Tassie
037 See Tassie devils in the wild
039 Traipse through the Tarkine
043 Look into our convict past at Port Arthur
054 Kayak on Coles Bay
073 Walk in the wilderness of Maria Island
090 Be at the finish line of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
096 Cruise Tasmania’s Macquarie Harbour

I'm priveleged to have enjoyed 4 of these Tasmanian experiences:

In fact I would gladly do these again.

But the others call out to me too! What about you? I'd love to hear about your experiences, your dreams.

Racing in Tasmania

Is your nickname Speedy? Or maybe you prefer to watch others do the speeding (legally of course). Check out these premier racing events taking place this month in Tasmania:

Targa Tasmania (5th April to 10th April)
See up to 300 of the world's most prestigious cars and top drivers race. It's not just about the cars of course, it's about seeing beautiful Tasmania in the background. Imagine those scenic routes and mountain passes. Well you don't have to imagine - you can be there!

Hydro Tasmania Three Peaks (22nd to 25th April)
There's more than one kind of racing going on here. There's the running. Then there's the scaling of three peaks (hence the name). Then there's the sailing. This takes endurance all right. And the strength required would be both physical and mental. Pretty grueling stuff.

B&E Rotary Duck Race (9th April)
Ok, maybe this is not quite in the same league as Targa or Hydro Tasmania Three Peaks, but I couldn't resist including it when I learnt about it. A helicopter drops thousands of plastic ducks into the North Esk River, Launceston. Then the cheering begins as the ducks race - well OK, not race but float - 500 metres toward the Tamar Street Bridge (hopefully). The first duck across the finish line is the winner (much like the more well-known races mentioned above).

There is even a competition for the best dressed duck!

Sounds like fun to me! And the kids will love it of course. There will also be music, face painting and a play area to keep the kids entertained.

You know what the best part is? All proceeds go to local charities, schools and non-profit clubs.

Go on then - visit the website of the Rotary Club of Central Launceston to buy your duck and enter the race!

Arts in Tasmania

Maybe you're not so much into racing, but more into the arts. Well, these events may interest you then:

The Wilderness Gallery International Mural Fest (24th to 30th April)
This unique art competition is held every year in Sheffield, internationally known as Australia's Town of Murals.

What makes it so unique? Artists compete in a public "paint off" that takes place over several days. The resulting murals must be based on a poem which has been selected from many entries. The poem has to be based on a specific theme chosen for the event.

What's the theme this year? It's Food Bowl.

The major prize goes to the mural selected by a panel of qualified judges. However, and I love this, visitors can vote for 2 more "best mural" prizes - one awarded at the end of the week and another awarded at the next Mural Fest! What a terrific idea.

Find out more plus admire the breath-taking murals from previous fests at the Mural Fest website

The Sound of Music (13th Apr to 1st May)
Now that was one movie that my whole family were always able to sit down and enjoy together. But now I'm not talking about the movie - I'm talking about an on-stage production of this beloved musical. Is it the most popular musical in the world? Maybe so...

You can see it at the Derwent Entertainment Centre in Hobart, thanks to ExitLeft.

Of course music is a very important part of the production. And it will be in safe hands, those of the Tasmanian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Plus you will get to see some of Tasmania's most talented performers in the show.

Number 1 in the Hot 100

Guess what came in at number one on the Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine's Hot 100 list?

None other than Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA.

Described as "most awesome museum", the magazine highlighted that MONA has:

  • the world’s most engaging modern art
  • one of the country’s most exceptional collections
  • a winery, a brewery, accommodation and a restaurant complementing the striking underground museum
I've not been to MONA yet, but can't wait to visit it. By the sounds of what's there, I think I'm going to have a wonderful time exploring this incredible museum.

Tasmania inspires love

Imagine having so much passion for a place that you produce a song about it! That's what Tasmanians Des Brown and Rob Tait have done.

And what place are we talking about? Why Tasmania of course. I didn't really have to ask, I know!

According to the song, Tasmania is "a place for love to grow" and "the heart and soul of Australia".

Des and Rob are now working on a video clip using photographs of Tasmania.

Interested in submitting your photo? Then visit the Love In Tasmania website and upload your photo. Who knows, you might win a prize! That's right, there's a competition for best photo.

While you're there, you can even listen to a bit of the song. Plus, you can buy it!

Well that's it for this issue.

MONA has certainly taken off, hasn't it? According to Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine, "Hobart is suddenly hip" because of MONA.

For me, Hobart is pretty special in more ways than one. But at the same time, I am thrilled about MONA.

It's starting to get colder down under, so remember those extra layers!

See you in May!

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