Tassie On My Mind, April 2010
- Racy or reflective?

Welcome to the April 2010 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Whether you like it racy or reflective, there is something for you this month in Tasmania.

Racy? How do you like:

  • car races
  • sailboat races
  • casino entertainment
  • beer drinking

Reflective? What do you think about:

  • Easter
  • Anzac Day
  • convict experiences at Port Arthur
  • history of the Tasman Bridge

This issue:

  • Racy April
  • Reflective April
  • Australia's oldest casino
  • Longer than Sydney's
  • Australia's oldest brewery

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Racy April

So all you race enthusiasts must be pretty excited about Targa Tasmania and Three Peaks taking place this month.

How do those racing teams do it? Competing on both land and sea, including the summiting of three peaks? Pretty amazing stuff. There are 10 teams competing this year. Some of their names are Whistler, Haphazard, Deguello and Peccadillo. Then there's the Don't Panic Racing team - I like their philosophy! And who can resist the invitation in the name VisitFlindersIsland.com.au? Time will tell who's got the right stuff when it comes to winning this year's race.

Targa Tasmania kicks off on 21st April. I'm not a car racing fan but I know people who are and it's great to listen to them talk about one of their hottest passions.

I understand Targa Tasmania presents the opportunity for owners of sport cars to drive those cars the way they were meant to be driven. That would certainly be appealing to sports car owners.

Reflective April

There is also a reflective side to April. I'm referring to Easter and Anzac Day.

At Port Arthur, a series of three plays will be performed during the Easter Week. They allow you to learn more about convict experiences at Port Arthur.

There's definitely a lot to learn at Port Arthur as I discovered for myself. I'm a fairly reflective person by nature, so I easily immerse myself into the history of a special location like Australia's largest convict site.

Anzac Day is a special day of remembrance throughout the nation. Dawn services will be held at the Hobart Cenotaph, the Launceston Cenotaph, and at many other memorials around Tasmania. It is a solemn occassion for many Australians, particularly for those who have relatives who died in the wars.

Australia's oldest casino

Back to something racy...

Did you know that Australia's oldest casino is in Hobart?

I discovered that Wrest Point has much more to offer than a punt on the machines.

At the moment you can book tickets to see The Angels perform there. Do you remember the song "Am I ever gonna see your face again?" It's a real party anthem, one of those songs that everyone likes to join in and sing out loud. People have added to the lyrics over the years - somewhat colourfully too!

If hard rock ain't your thing, you might like these other upcoming Wrest Point shows:

  • Tasmania Symphony Orchestra (for the more classically inclined)
  • Kate Ceberano (and her one in a million voice)
  • Foster & Allen (my parents love them)
  • Cinderella (for the kids among us)

Longer than Sydney's

Let's keep it balanced...

Time to reflect - on the ups and downs of Hobart's Tasman Bridge. Yes, it is indeed longer than Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge.

I found the Tasman Bridge to be quite an amazing spectacle. Especially when you go to one of the lookout points from where you can better appreciate the size and span of the bridge.

But that's just part of the story. The bridge has some fascinating and sadly, tragic history.

Fascinating? Unlike the current bridge which arches upward toward the centre, its predecessor was flatter. But that presented problems...

And tragic? Well... Back in 1975 there was a terrible accident. Part of the bridge collapsed, resulting in the deaths of twelve people.

On my page about the Tasman Bridge, I share my thoughts on this mighty structure and what it means to many in Hobart.

Australia's oldest brewery

Is it possible? Can we do it? Combine racy with reflective?

To me, the Cascade brewery definitely offers both those experiences.

The Cascade brewery tour had me reflecting straight away:

  • what an amazing looking brewery
  • it sure looks like Australia's oldest
  • why is it called Cascade?

It's called Cascade because of the waterfalls nearby.

And racy? Well, when you get to the end of the tour, and it's time to exchange those beer tokens, party time begins.

How racy does it get? Well that's up to the individual. Three beers was racy enough for me! After those, I slowed down with some of the delicious non-alcoholic Cascade beverages.

Well that's it for this issue.

So how was your Easter weekend? I hope it was everything you wanted. For some, it's a religious or spiritual experience. For many, it's an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Or maybe with chores around the home.

For others, it's a chance to take a break. You might have been fortunate enough to spend time in a beautiful location, like Tasmania.

See you next month!

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