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Tassie On My Mind, October 2012 -- only you
October 07, 2012

Tassie On My Mind, October 2012
- only you

Welcome to the October 2012 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Only you - what do I mean by that? You may have heard the song or seen the movie with that name.

In this case it represents how I see Tasmania - when I consider unique Tasmanian locations, icons and experiences - like Port Arthur, Bruny Island, the Tarkine, to name just a few examples.

Read on to see what I mean...

This issue:

  • Only Port Arthur
  • Only Bruny Island
  • Only Tarkine
  • Only Burnie
  • Only Osmosis

Plus... your chance to be a part of!

Only Port Arthur

As I have discovered for myself, Port Arthur Historic Site is a unique not-to-be-missed experience.

Plus, one visit is not enough - it is a location worth revisiting again and again.

I just read about artefacts which were unearthed at Port Arthur over 40 years ago. It has only been this year however that the artefacts were examined more closely. They include items such as lace-making bobbins, military buttons and a toy brass cannon.

The findings paint a very different picture to the typical perception of Port Arthur as a place where convicts were forced to endure brutal treatment.

Were there women and children engaged in more pleasant activities? That is yet to be confirmed. But questions have certainly been raised.

At Port Arthur you will find Australia's most intact convict site, it's true. However there is definitely another side to Port Arthur's history - the post-convict era.

Interested in learning more? Then attend Port Arthur Memories Revisited on 20th and 21st October.

Only Bruny Island

Another un-missable Tasmania location is Bruny Island, with its unique history and natural wonders.

Does bird watching interest you? Then don't miss the four day Bruny Island Bird Festival celebrating the birdlife of the island.

Visit birdwatching hotspots - on foot, by vehicle and by boat. Catch a flight in search of the orange-bellied parrot.

Listen to experts speak on topics such as bird photography, bird song and latest discoveries.

Enjoy bird-themed artworks and photographs. You can even hear poetry inspired by the birds of the island.

Proceeds of the festival will fund the preservation of bird habitats as well as projects to build community awareness.

Find out more at the Bruny Island Environment Network website.

Only Tarkine

Dismal Swamp, located in the Tarkine, in Tasmania's northwest, is the only known blackwood forest in the world. The unusual underground geology forms a sinkhole, creating a unique ecosystem.

This is where you can find ringtail possums, pademelons, spotted tail quolls, devils, pink breasted robins (for you bird enthusiasts again) and burrowing crayfish. This is one special crayfish - thanks to its burrowing activities, the soil is continually churned, providing ideal conditions for the flourishing of the blackwoods.

Forestry Tasmania has developed the area into an eco-tourism site, including:

  • the ability to stroll, take a buggy ride or a slide to the swamp floor
  • a maze of boardwalks on the swamp floor, providing easy access to swamp life, while keeping you dry
  • artwork representing Aboriginal tree spirits
  • a visitor centre on the sinkhole rim, allowing you to enjoy excellent food and wine while taking in the delights of the surrounds
Book dinner at the restaurant and you may be able to see the nocturnal quolls and devils from the comfort of the indoors.

For more information, visit Forestry Tasmania's Adventure Forests website.

Only Burnie

While it does not typically come to mind when you think of the natural wonders of Tasmania, Burnie is a pretty special town with lots to offer since transforming itself.

At Burnie Shines, be inspired by the community that is behind the blossoming of Burnie.

Learn from feature artists specialising in textiles, paper, recycled materials and leather. Find out how to transform your old, plain-looking books into attractive sculptures. Taste some of the local beer, wine, whisky and cheese at Makers' Workshop. Let an expert teach you how to create glam photos without having to buy expensive equipment.

Get details on all the activities at the Burnie Shines website.

Only Osmosis

Osmosis is an annual art exhibition featuring works by Tasmanian women.

This year the location theme is Sullivans Cove. Participants are asked to respond to the chosen location in their work.

There are some interesting subjects in the art featured - for example, a Tasmanian emu (now extinct), mesmerising water reflections and postage stamps like you've never seen before.

Interested? Then don't miss the exhibition which goes till 21st October.

Find out more about these amazing artists and their Osmosis artworks.

Well that's it for this issue.

Besides Osmosis, there are many other exciting events held at the Salamanca Centre. Another one that caught my attention is Rektango, a free live music event held every Friday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in The Courtyard. Dancing in the outdoors is a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend, don't you think?

See you in November!

To contact me, click here.

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