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Tassie On My Mind, June 2013 -- wintry yet wonderful
June 07, 2013

Tassie On My Mind, June 2013
- wintry yet wonderful

Welcome to the June 2013 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

Tasmania is a hot destination for so many reasons. No less in winter.

There are special places you can only find in Tasmania and special tastes that come only from Tasmania. There's a natural wonder best viewed in Tasmania, and in winter too!

Read on to see what I mean...

This issue:

  • Lighthouse tours
  • Terrific trails
  • Top teacher
  • Best wines
  • Aurora Australis

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Lighthouse tours

Did you know that you can take lighthouse tours in Tasmania?

I just heard about the search for a new operator to conduct tours of the Table Cape Lighthouse.

Located on the north-west coast of Tasmania, the lighthouse is 125 years old. At a height of 25 metres, it has views extending to Stanley and to Low Head, north of Launceston. Table Cape is the only lighthouse in Tasmania still operating and accessible to the public.

It was built in 1888, after several ships were damaged when they hit Table Cape on their way to Wynyard to collect produce. For the first 30 years of the operation of the lighthouse, keepers lived on site. This was no longer required after automation of the lighting system.

The Cape Bruny lighthouse is also open to the public but it is not a working lighthouse.

Then there is the Iron Pot lighthouse which has its own appeal too.

Terrific trails

Do you like hiking, cycling or horse riding? You will need suitable trails for that.

A recently launched website provides information on 77 tracks in Hobart, Kingborough, Derwent Valley, Glenorchy, Clarence and Brighton.

You can find a walk based on distance, location, duration, whether it's suitable for wheelchairs, and so on.

According to Hobart Lord Mayor Damon Thomas,

"The trails cover a diverse range of environments from coastal beaches and bushland to hilltop vistas and rural scenes."

Interested? Then check out the Greater Hobart Trails website.

Top teacher

Tasmanian Jeff Thomas has just been named one of the best 12 teachers in Australia.

And for good reason too...

He created the Magone program at Glenorchy's Dominic College. The program helps children who are disengaged or at risk of becoming disengaged from education.

As part of the program, children take turns to prepare meals between classes, go on a daily run and even build furniture for the centre. Educational, social and emotional issues are addressed.

As Mr Thomas said,

"Our society is very good at writing people off instead of saying let's see what they are good at. If they're keen to do well, let them do well."

Our school systems certainly seem to suit some children more than others. But everyone is gifted in some way I believe. It's good for teachers to look at ways of helping students find out more about what they have to offer.

Mr Thomas is now doing a doctorate on alternative education - I'm sure he'll have more to offer in this area too!

Best wines

Where can you find the best sparkling wines in Australia? Why Tasmania of course, according to Gourmet Traveller.

Gourmet Traveller just released its Hot 100 list of "the most exciting food and drinks trends to the latest and greatest in travel" globally.

According to Gourmet Traveller,

"Tassie is the hottest cool-climate centre of booze production in Australia right now. The best sparkling wines in the country come from here (Arras, Radenti); the artisan cider scene is rockin' (Red Sails, Willie Smith's); the whiskies get better and better each year (Lark, Sullivans Cove); and serious mainland wineries are investing big-time in Tassie vineyards (Brown Brothers, Shaw and Smith)."

Need I say more? Well you know I want to...

The House of Arras website describes the Tasmanian climate as:

"...significantly cooler than the mainland, with long summer daylight and maritime influences, which are ideal conditions for long, slow and consistent fruit development."

The website of Freycinet Vineyard (producers of Radenti) emphasises how:

"Tasmania’s reputation for producing some of the nation’s best sparkling wines is increasing thanks to the pristine cool climate in which the grapes grow, which uncannily is not too dissimilar to the famous Champagne region in France."

Look no further than Tasmania for quality sparkling wines!

Aurora Australis

And now for something really special...

I'm referring to the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, sister to the perhaps more well know Northern Lights, visible in Scandinavia.

Tasmania is ideally situated on the globe for viewing this natural and magnificent phenomenon.

To give yourself a good chance of seeing it, make sure:

  • You have an unobstructed view (no buildings in the way) of the southern horizon
  • There is no cloud in the sky
  • The sky is very dark (away from the city lights, not during a full moon or close to full moon time)
Mount Wellington in Hobart comes to mind, presuming the conditions are right.

Of all the seasons, winter is the best time for viewing the Southern lights. Why? Because you have the most hours of darkness at this time of year.

Some lucky people recently got to witness this amazing natural phenomenon in Hobart. For those of us who missed the live show, here are some great Aurora photos.

Well that's it for this issue.

Another special winter event you will not want to miss is Dark MOFO. You are invited to

"Celebrate the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, light and noise."

For more information visit the Dark MOFO website.

See you in July!

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