Tassie On My Mind, July 2011
- Tasmania celebrates winter

Welcome to the July 2011 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

There are so many ways to enjoy winter - chocolate, good food and wine, awe-inspiring photography, and of course curling up with a good book - one of my personal favourites!

How about some winter sports?

Read on to find out more about how Tasmania celebrates winter...

This issue:

  • Chocolate
  • Good food and wine
  • Time for reading
  • Photos that showcase nature
  • Hit the slopes

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Do you like chocolate?

Embrace winter and attend Chocolate Winterfest at Latrobe on 10th July.

Not only will you be able to feast on chocolate, you can also have a go at building a sculpture out of chocolate. Plus take part in activities like:

Lantern parade
Make your own lantern, and let it light the way on the lantern parade. At the end you can display it with everyone else's lanterns.

Chocolate dessert competitions
Do you have a talent for creating yummy chocolate themed desserts? Let others enjoy the fruit of your talents and who knows, you may win a prize!

Chocolate inspired fashion
Does chocolate move you to create a fashion piece? Take part in the competition and let your talents shine!

Or do your prefer to express your fascination for chocolate through poetry? There are so many ways you can show how you feel about chocolate at Chocolate Winterfest. Find out more at the Chocolate Winterfest website.

Good food and wine

Love tasting great food and wine?

Then make sure to attend the Taste of the Tamar which will be held over two weekends, one at a Hobart venue and the other at a Launceston venue.

The entry fee includes a souvenir tasting glass and a booklet for your tasting notes. And if you buy your tickets in advance, you can enter a draw to attend a Masterclass and win a Plumm glass decanter.

How wonderful to be able to come in from the cold and taste some of the delicious food produce and wines from the Tamar Valley. Then buy what you like so you can continue to enjoy it at home.

Wine producers include:

  • Jansz
  • Goaty Hill
  • Josef Chromy
  • and more...
Food producers include:
  • Yondover Farm House Cheese
  • Watsons Fine Food
  • Coronea Olive Groves
  • and more...
At the event, find out more about the Tamar Valley and its delightful offerings.

For more information, visit the Taste of the Tamar website.

Time for reading

An immersive, interactive environment about the magic world of books and reading - how does that sound to you? It certainly draws me in!

That was the description of an exhibition about books and reading, to be held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery from 23rd July.

I love to read. And for me, reading has always been a somewhat magical experience. Because as I read, in my mind a new world seems to be born, as I get involved in what's going on in the book I'm reading.

At the exhibition you will get to watch and listen to people read from their favourite books. Often in the past, that's how I've found out about books that I went on to love - after hearing about them from friends or listening to people read from books they love.

Warm carpets, comfy chairs and reading lamps will also feature at the exhibition. More enticements to indulge in reading. Of course a cup of cocoa and your own sofa or bed are great ways for you to read too!

Would you like to tell others about your favourite books? You can upload your own readings to share with others.

Find out more at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery web page about The Reading Room.

Photos that showcase nature

Have you heard of the wilderness photographer Peter Dombrovskis?

German born Dombrokskis migrated to Australia at a young age. He is well know for his fabulous photographs of the Tasmanian wilderness.

In 2003, he became the first Australian to be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame. What an amazing achievement!

An exhibition featuring his life and work is currently being held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Find out more at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery web page about Peter Dombrovskis.

One of his photographs of the Franklin River is regarded as the image that saved the Franklin from being dammed, back in the 1980s. I've seen some of his photographs and they are simply awe-inspiring. I can certainly understand the power they can have. They speak volumes about why it is important for us to treasure our natural environment.

To see some of his work, and find out more about the book "Simply Peter Dombrovskis", visit the Peter Dombrovskis website.

Hit the slopes

I read in the news recently that the Tasmanian ski slopes might be getting the best snow seen in years! At the Ben Lomond Ski field area, the opening weekend of the ski season was greeted with the best snowfalls since 1968.

Ski hire business did very well, not just at Ben Lomond but also at Mt Field National Park.

Are you a ski-er? Or maybe you prefer toboganning or snowboarding?

Attractions at Ben Lomond include:

  • 3 T-bars and 4 Poma Lifts suiting beginner to intermediate users
  • Tasmania's second-highest peak, Legges Tor which is 1,572 metres (5,147 feet) above sea level
  • Tasmania's higest village road
  • toboggan and snow play areas, downhill and cross country skiing, and snowboarding.
Find out more at the Ski Ben Lomond website.

You can also visit Mount Mawson in Mount Field National Park.

Attactions at Mount Mawson include:

  • three 'nutcracker' rope tows suiting beginner to advanced users
  • one free small surface lift in the beginner's area
  • downhill and cross country skiing, and snowboarding.
Find out more at the Southern Tasmania Ski Association website.

I've tried skiing but have since moved on to snowboarding. Less equipment to think about I figured! I'm still a beginner but I do enjoy the sport when I get the chance to head to the slopes. It does leave me knackered for days though...

Well that's it for this issue.

I hope you are enjoying your winter in your favourite way. Indulging in chococolate, good food and wine, taking in an exhibition or two, getting into sport - there are so many ways to breeze through the cold season.

See you in August!

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