Tassie On My Mind, January 2012
- what's new in Tasmania?

Welcome to the January 2012 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

What's new in Tasmania? Besides the New Year that is? Lots! A new world-class mountain bike track, a new seaplane operation and a new Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) performance for example.

But of course we still look forward to those well-loved events which we have come to enjoy on a regular basis...

Read on to see what I mean...

This issue:

  • New in Hobart
  • Summer of song
  • Summer lunching
  • Tasty marathon
  • Australia Day with a difference

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New in Hobart

Tasmania's capital has some new and exciting attractions this year:

New on the mountain
A new dual use bushwalking and mountain biking track has been opened on Hobart's iconic Mount Wellington.

This is what Tasmanian world champion mountain biker Sid Taberlay had to say about the North South track:

"The first part of the track is untouched bushland and very scenic... And once you get to Junction Cabin it feels like it is all down hill from there so it is a good bit of fun."

Untouched bushland plus a downhill run? That recipe works for me!

When I visited Mount Wellington I loved the Organ Pipes. And now I want to return and check out the North South track!

New on the waterfront
A new seaplane operation has commenced on Hobart's Kings Pier Marina.

Tasmanian Air Adventures plan to offer city scenic flights as well as charter flights to Freycinet on the East Coast and other Tasmanian scenic spots.

Prices are expected to range from $190 for a basic scenic flight to $490 per person for four people to charter a plane to Freycinet.

Sounds like a great way to take in the beauty of Tasmania.

There is already so much to do in Hobart. Now there's even more!

Summer of song

Fancy some good jazz music this summer?

Simon Petty and the Jazzmanians
Tasmanian trumpet player Simon Petty will be performing with Australia’s much loved jazz band, the Jazzmanians. You'll get to hear some old favourites as well as modern swing numbers. If jazz is your thing don't miss this one night only performance at the Royal Oak in Launceston on 17th January.

Maybe you prefer something more classical with a touch of legendary?

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra - An Unforgettable Evening with Natalie Cole
Backed by the TSO, Natalie Cole will perform her greatest hits at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre on 30th January. Sounds like a legendary combination...

Or maybe you want to burst into song yourself?

Big Gospel Sing
Never tried singing before? Can't read music? No problem, all you need is the desire to give it a go.

For only $20 per person, attend a half day singing workshop where you'll get to sing in a choir. Morning tea will be provided.

Up for some fun? Then come along to Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, Triabunna on 10th January.

Summer lunching

Long lazy lunching sounds good to me this summer. If that appeals to you too, sign up for a six-course seasonal luncheon at The Cable Station, Stanley.

Celebrate the New Year and summer enjoying superb Tasmanian produce and fine wines. You'll also get to meet and talk to the producers. Learn about what's involved in the journey from the Paddock to the Plate.

Contact The Cable Station to find out more.

And while in Stanley, you can also visit the surrounding attractions, including Devonport, hub of Australia's Market Garden.

Tasty marathon

Do you like to run? How do you feel about running long distance? The Cadbury Marathon might appeal to you.

I couldn't put it any better than the Cadbury website:

"Be a part of the only marathon that starts and finishes at a chocolate factory."

Entries are now open for the 2012 Cadbury marathon. Pay the registration fee and this is what you get:

  • participation in the marathon (of course)
  • goody bag containing freebies from sponsors (and yes there will be chocolate)
  • option to join the Marathon Guru coaching program
  • event T shirt and medal (for Half Marathon and Marathon participants)
Not sure if you can go a full marathon or even half marathon? Well, there are 1km and 5km options too!

Visit the Cadbury Marathon website for more information.

I had a great time visiting the Cadbury chocolate factory, and maybe you will too!

Australia Day with a difference

Add something unique to your Australia Day celebrations this year by attending Henley-on-Mersey at Latrobe.

These are just some of the activities showcasing Australian heritage in the form of demonstrations/competitions:

  • archery
  • whip cracking
  • spud picking
  • egg throwing
  • cherry spitting
  • gumboot tossing
  • ferret racing
How did ferrets feature in Australia's past?

Apparently ferrets were used to catch rabbits. A ferret would be released down a hole where a rabbit was believed to hiding. The rabbit would then be pursued to another hole where a net would be ready to catch it. Rabbit pelts fetched a decent income in those days. Amazing!

There will also be activities on the water, such as Aqua Roller races and Wooden Boat sail pasts.

Plus car displays, helicopter rides, music, food, and so much more...

For further information, visit the Henley-on-Mersey website. Don't forget to have a look at the program!

Well that's it for this issue.

Here we go again, putting one year behind us and hopefully looking forward to better things to come in the new year. Whatever your plans for this year, make sure to do lots of nice things for yourself. Such as enjoying happy times in beautiful places like Tasmania.

Be good to yourself.

See you in February!

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