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Tassie On My Mind, April 2013 -- life gets better
April 13, 2013

Tassie On My Mind, April 2013
- life gets better

Welcome to the April 2013 issue of Tassie On My Mind, a free monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest news on what makes Tasmania such an attractive travel destination.

This month I celebrate how life gets better in Tasmania.

In what way?

In so many ways... I'm talking about safety, traveling, liveability - and not just for humans, but for animals too!

Read on to see what I mean...

This issue:

  • Better for whales
  • Safer for all
  • Hobart's more liveable
  • Budget travel tips
  • Exciting snippets

Plus... your chance to be a part of!

Better for whales

Let's start with how life gets better for whales.

Scientists like Tasmanian marine biologist Virginia Andrews-Goff have been keeping track of the activities of whales using fancy contraptions like satellite tracking devices and acoustic buoys.

Plus simply taking good old-fashioned photographs...

This is how Dr Andrews-Goff described one of her experiences:

"I was the size of an ant next to one of those giants... I was deliriously happy when I managed to attach a tag."

Satellite trackers have shown the whales traveling up to 100km a day.

How does doing research like this make life better for whales?

More knowledge about whales would better equip us to more effectively keep them safe, and from going extinct.

No need to kill them to learn more about them!

Let's hope more countries and people will follow the example of Tasmanian scientists, so that life really does get better for whales.

Safer for all

When you're driving around Tasmania, take extra care in areas where wildlife roam. Signs along the ride will warn you. A vehicle accident involving wildlife could not only cause injury to animals, but also to you and your fellow passengers.

In view of that, it's great to hear that roads in the Tarkine region will be upgraded.

According to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke,

"At least 21km of road will have a light-coloured surface so that drivers can clearly see animals in the distance, and rumble strips will sound alerts to warn animals of approaching vehicles in defined high risk areas...

New infrastructure including table drains will minimise vegetation growth to reduce the attractiveness of road verges to fauna."

I think driving safety is very important. Which is why I have listed driving tips for safe travels in Tasmania.

Hobart's more liveable

Life gets better in Hobart!

How do I know this?

I'm referring to the third annual Auspoll survey for the Property Council of Australia, in which Australian cities were rated on liveability.

Hobart jumped from eighth to third, rising up the list, based on:

  • affordability,
  • standard of living,
  • housing,
  • safety,
  • roads,
  • climate and
  • culture.
And of course, Hobart scored better than any other city for its appealing natural environment

To me, Hobart is certainly the most picturesque of all the capital cities of Australia.

Budget travel tips

Yes, I've certainly got a couple for you!

Campervan bargains

Campervan hire at $5 a day, how does that sound? Pretty good, I would think!

Interested? You can hire a Britz campervan for $5 a day to tour around Tasmania through online company

Apparently, the company has about 100 campervans which need to be relocated from Hobart to Melbourne. Plus, $350 is provided, to go towards fuel and ferry costs.

Snap it up while you can!

Jetstar bargains

To mark the 30th anniversary of Tasmania's World Heritage Listing, Tourism Tasmania and Jetstar are jointly funding a $300,000 campaign to promote travel to Tasmania.

Jetstar will provide potential visitors with suggested itineraries to help plan trips to heritage-listed areas.

According to Tourism Minister Scott Bacon,

"It's about getting people to spend a few nights in these parts of the state and the regional communities that are gateways to the Wilderness World Heritage Area".

Jetstar is offering discount fares as part of the campaign launch. Don't miss out!

Exciting snippets

Here's more on how life gets better in Tasmania:

Ferry to MONA

Have you been to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) yet? Since it opened, it has become one of Hobart's top attractions.

You can travel to MONA aboard a custom-built ferry, the Mona Roma I. It is 34 metres long, with a capacity for 240 passengers, a crew of six and plenty of room.

According to the ferry operator, Tasmanian John Roach,

"There is a special emphasis on play on this new ferry...

We have worked with Tasmania interior designers Rebecca Freeman and Damian Scott and it features graffiti artwork by Jamin, Tom O'Herne, and Rob O'Connor."

Very much in keeping with the spirit of MONA, it seems...

Michael Howe

Another movie featuring Tasmania's colourful convict history is being filmed.

The Outlaw Michael Howe is based on the life of notorious bushranger Michael Howe. It tells the story of Howe terrorising colonial Van Diemens Land with a small army of outlaws from 1812-1818.

Filming locations include the Central Highlands and the upper Derwent Valley in Tasmania.

The film is directed by Brendan Cowell, and stars Damon Herriman (as Howe), Matt Day and Mirrah Foulkes.

Look out for it on the ABC!

I do think each and every convict life is remarkable, don't you?

Well that's it for this issue.

As all you racing enthusiasts probably know, international motoring Classic Targa Tasmania starts soon - on 16th April.

ANZAC day is coming up soon too - could be a long weekend for many since it falls on Thursday 25th April. Safe travels and peaceful reflections to you...

See you in May!

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