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What makes Tasmania so unique you may ask?

Let me explain...

Rugged mountains, spectacular coastlines, native forests, sweeping bays, picturesque beaches, sparkling lakes all on one island...

How does that grab you to start with?

Tasmania - Cradle Mountain National Park - Dove Lake from west

Here's more on what makes the island so outstanding:

- delicious foods and wines
- rich and colourful history
- exciting events
- one of the gateways to Antarctica
- top walking destination

Does that sound good?

There's so much more. It cannot be summed up on one page.

How can this breath-taking island, the smallest state in Australia, have so much to offer? It's hard to fathom unless you have spent some time exploring this incomparable island for yourself.

Tasmania has been described as an "island of contrasts". There is an immense variety of attractions to enjoy.

How luxurious to be able to ask myself what I feel like doing, and then to be able to just go do it without too much trouble at all. Go for a bush walk? No problem. Watch some wildlife? Sure thing. Take a wine tour? Easy as anything. Visit a berry farm? Let's go!

True, the size of the island does allow you to get from one attraction to another without taking more than a few hours at most. But be advised...
At times you will find yourself wanting to unexpectedly extend your visit at a special place that has captured your attention.

Tasmania - Wineglass Bay

Also, as you are getting around you will find yourself making unscheduled stops so that you can admire a view, take a photograph, watch wildlife, quickly check out something that's caught your eye (or maybe not so quickly on closer inspection) and more... So be prepared to need more time here than you might think.

This extraordinary island is mainland to other unique islands like Bruny Island, Maria Island, Flinders Island and King Island. Even more reasons why you will need more time for your Tasmanian adventures.

I have heaps more to tell you. Which is why this page is not enough.
Visit the other pages where I get to do something I truly love - talk about what makes Tasmania such an unrivalled destination.


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Search this site - results will display in a new Google web page.

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