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After my own experience of the "Spirit" I put together these Spirit of Tasmania tips. I did this with my fellow travellers in mind. I hope you find these helpful:

  • A "day ticket" does not include a seat allocation unlike an "Ocean View Recliner" booking. While there's plenty of free seating available on the vessel, the Ocean View Recliner is a more comfortable choice with the option to, you guessed it - more easily recline.

  • Be mindful of the check-in window period. It is best to confirm this at booking time. For my trip it commenced 2 hours 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time and ended 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. A couple of days before my departure date I got an SMS reminding me of the check-in period.
  • Taking a vehicle with you on your Spirit of Tasmania trip? It is best to get there early as there may be a long queue, particularly if it's a long weekend or any other time where demand may be higher than usual.
  • Be mindful that additional security measures may be in place depending on the situation. For example, we had to be escorted by a security guard to the check-in counter. Greg's mother (who had driven us to the terminal) could not accompany us any further. These extra security measure were deemed necessary as there was another ship (bound for an international destination) berthed nearby.
  • Make sure you have identification to present at check-in, so you can collect your boarding passes.
  • Make sure you have separated your check-in baggage from your carry-on baggage.
  • Prone to seasickness? It is best to consume tablets prior to the journey, following any instructions provided. We decided to brave it. At the start of the Spirit of Tasmania trip, the captain advised passengers on what conditions would be like - winds, swells etc. We did experience slight queasiness but nothing too alarming. We discovered later that some of our fellow travelers had indeed experienced more severe seasickness.

  • Bring a camera.
  • Plan to enter a National Park in Tasmania? Buy the required entry pass on the ship, at "Tourism On Board". This will save you having to get it when in Tasmania. At the same time you will be able to obtain travel advice and brochures.
  • Wishing to dine at the "Seasons" restaurant? It is best to book as soon as you can. In my experience, the booking window went from 10am to 10.30am and the restaurant opened for lunch at 12pm. As I'd missed the booking window I tried my luck at 12pm and got placed on a wait list. I was fortunate that time as there was a cancellation.
  • Pay attention to announcements while on board. If you miss any, check with the crew. This will help you stay advised of restaurant booking windows, what time the other Spirit of Tasmania vessel will be passing by and other information that may interest you.
  • Can you think of any more Spirit of Tasmania tips? Feel free to contact me about adding them to this list. And thanks in advance!

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