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Who isn't interested in cheap flights? Well I suppose some people aren't concerned about price. But I'm guessing you are, and that's why you're here!

Fare sales

From time to time, the major airlines (Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Qantas) offer online specials. So always check their websites and see if you can score something that way.

Email alerts

Even better, go to their websites and subscribe to their email alerts. Many times I've jumped on a discounted air fare this way. It's amazing how a cheap fare can get you thinking that it's time to do some travelling again!

Time of travel

I've noticed that mid-week flights tend to cost less than weekend flights. Also early morning or late night flights can be cheaper than flights at other times of the day. Keep a lookout for this.

Virgin Blue's Happy Hour

Check online for discounted fares from Virgin Blue during Happy Hour which runs from 12pm to 1pm (Australia Eastern Standard Time).

Reward Points

Do you have membership with a rewards point program? Why not check whether these can help you secure a cheaper or even free flight? Those points do add up... eventually.


Flight + Hotel = SAVE

Consider purchasing a travel package which includes flights as well as other items such as accommodation, transfers, maybe even admission to attractions. This can be the most cost-effective way of spending for a holiday.


Here are a few websites which you can check for good deals:

Flight Centre

Aussie Airlines


  • Sometimes there are conditions associated with a cheap airfare. For example, it is presumed that you only have carry-on luggage, and no check-in baggage.
  • Make sure you know what the total price is, including all taxes.

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Search this site - results will display in a new Google web page.

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